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Eps guide provided by: Digimon Spirit! (with permission of course) Thx!
This episode guide was made with the help of:
Jessica R.(, Zeke(, Heather(, Will(

Episode 1: All Aboard!
Takuya recieves an e-mail on his cellphone, he decides to follow what it says and finds himself at a train station. There he boards a train which takes him into the Digital world with three other digidestined, on the train his cellphone turns into a D-scan digivice.. In the Digital World they are attacked by a Digimon! Takuya is able to transform into Agnimon with the Spirit of Fire! But can he defeat the Digimon? Why are they in the Digital World?

Episode 2: Lobomon: Warrior of Light
The Digidestined are stuck in the Digital World with no way out, they go wandering around with Neemon and Bokumon when they fall into an underground maze. The Pagumon have been following Tomoki and Junpei around looking for chocolate, and Kouji comes and saves them when one of them Digivolves into Raremon! Takuya tries to Digivolve into Agnimon but it doesn't work, Kouji uses the Spirit of Light to Digivolve into Wolfmon! Will he be able to defeat Raremon?

Episode 3: Kumamon, Baby Light my fire
A voice is heard from the children's D-Scanner and tells them to go to the " Forest Terminal ". The children think its a trap or a place they can set up a camp. When the children get there they are met by a tree, but its not a tree....... its a digimon! The children fight but are defeated. A light shines on Tomoki's heart and Tomoki finds the Spirit of Ice. Tomoki Digivolves into Chakmon. Meanwhile Agnimon fights the Wizardmon, then Chakmon helps Agnimon fight. Agnimon and Kumamon defeat the Wizardmon and change back.

Episode 4: Kazemon Kicks It
The children come to a fork in the road. To the right is the horizon and " Season of Spring ". To the left is the Wooden Forest. The children argue about witch way to take. Takuya and Tomoki take the left and Junpei and Izumi take the right. Junpei and Izumi come to a station in " Gentle Breeze Village". When they get there they are helped by the Floramon. Meanwhile Takuya and Tomoki are lost in the wooden Forest. At the village the Floramon are bullied by the Mushroommon. Izumi gets mad and find the Spirit of Wind and changes into Fairymon. The Mushroommon digivolve into Woodmon. Fairymon is deafted and Kouji comes to the rescue. Kouji digivolves into Wolfmon and after defeating Woodmon he goes off on his own.

Episode 5: Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
Takuya, JP, Zoe, Tommy, and Koji have reached a power plant (Of course by now they are starving) So they decide to check it out. As they are walking they see some kokuwamon and ogremon. As they keep walking they get inside the factory were it looks desserted. Koji goes off by himself. When Koji reaches a hallway he turns around to go back then something looks like it is shocking a digimon. Later Takuya and the others walk around the factory to see if there is any food. As they look they are talking with the kokuwamon they tell takuya that they are slaves have have to work all the time and they are betten alot. Later that night Takuay and the gang go to were the kokuwamon live and devise a plan to over throw sniemon (the boss dude) and the ogremon. JP dosent agree with the plan so takuya and JP get into a fight. Zoe and tommy spirit evolve and Zoe goes to distract the ogremon gaurding the front gate. Takuya spirit evolves into agunimon and koji spirit evolves inot lobomon. They run into the factory only to see sniemon there waiting for them. Agunimon and Lobomon faught hard but coldnt do it. Then JP helps them and finds the spirit of electricity. JP spirit evolves into Bettelmon and whipes out sniemon. And sets the kokuwamon free.

Episode 6: A Molehill out of a Mountain
Takuya and the others were asked to help the Shellnumemon. Koji was also asked to help the Numemon too. But when the children got to the Numemon village Grottomon papered and told then the daughters of the Numemon village had been kidnapped. The children change and fight Grottomon. As Grottomon was near defeat a new spirit emerged from a crumbling mountain. Grottomon got the spirit and changed into Gigasmon. Agunimon, Wolfmon, and the others were defeated. Will the Children be able to defeat this new enemy Gigasmon?

Episode 7: An Island of Misfit Boys
After Takya, Koji, and Tommy fall through a large hole from the mountain the land in Toy Kingdom. Therethey are chased by Monzaemon and the Toyshadowagumon transforms him into Warumonzeamon he attacks them and makes the kids cry and kidnaps Tommy. When Takuya and Koji stop laughing they go after Tommy in the Big Castle. But they fall into water were they are rescued by Pandamon. When they get to the castle the Toyshadowagumon attack them. After they spirit evolve they defaet them and take their factal codes. They get up to the room were they find Tommy playing vido games with Warumonzaemon! After the kids are given an airplane and fly off to find JP and Zoe.

Episode 8: The Odd One Out
After Gigasmon/Grumblemon defeated them, the digidestined fell into a large hole and were split into two groups. Takuya, Koji, and Tommy ran about in Toy Town. Zoe, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon found a small village. In the tiny village they found a digimon school. Taught by Miss Togemon. All of the digimon were loving and happy excepted one; Tsunomon. The other digimon students rejected Tsunomon. He bacame quite sad and lonley. Zoe and J.P. conversed with the little digimon and noticed that was ridiculed. They begin to run after Tsunomon. With all the best efforts to catch Tsunomon, Tsunomon falls into a river. Zoe attemps to save Tsunomon from drownding but begins to drown herself. Tsunomon digivolves into Gabumon and saves Zoe from drownding. Both J.P. and Zoe were surprised . Gabumon soon begins to tell his story of that day when he digivolves infront of the other digimon children to go get their entangled ball. But when he returns the other digmon children think that the even bigger Tsunomon will harm them. J.P. and Zoe trie to go back to the village and fix this hole mess, but it begins to rain badley. Zoe and J.P. finally reach the small village and then hear shocking noise from Togemon. She said that when it rains that the river waters overcede and begins the horible rampage of the floodwaters. Zoe and J.P. SpiritDigivolve to Kazemon and Beetlemon they have no problem at saving the village from the horible flood waters. To make this problem worse one of the digimon children. The water sweeps up Kapurimon. Kazemon and Beetlemon are bussy holding the waters off. They both beg that Tsunomon should digivolve to help Kapurimon. Tsunomon refuses to help out Kapurimon. After alittle pleading Tsunomon digivolves into Gabumon and helps Kapurimon. No longer are all of the little digimon children afraid of Gabumon (Tsunomon). As everything is back to normal Zoe, J.P., Neemon, and Bokomon leave to find the other digidestineds. At the same moment Takuya, Koji, and Tommy parachute from ToyAgumon's plane! With the others back they set off to go to the Forest Terminal.

Episode 9: Welcome to my nightmare
The digidestineds are still attempting to reach the Forest Terminal. J.P. complains that they have been walking to long and far. The digidestineds stop to take a rest. They begin to find a place to camp when little Tommy notices that there is a shady figure in lurking in the bushes. Zoe finds a meat apple that has differnet kinds of flavored meat. Neemon, Bokomon, and Tommy follow Zoe to find some more apples. Takuya, J.P., and koji go to find fire wood. The realize that the apples are unediblely raw and roast them over the fire. The food starts to cook and they start a conversation about Beast Spirits. They became i nterested when Grumblemon digivolved to Gigasmon. Bokomon begins to search in his book about beast spirits. Bokomon doesn't find anything but then Neemon notices a folded page. They uncover some information on beast spirits. TClounds cover the light from the digital moons. TVs start to apear on the trees. The screen shows things from the real world. Zoe see's her school while Tommy notices his mother very worried. The light peeks threw the disaparing clouds and the TVs disapear. Tommy wants to keep watching his mother but just depresses himself. Koji sits by himself in the back of the camp. Tommy is getting happier, and wanders over to a strange part of the forest. A digimon jumps out at Tommy and gets him with the "Nightmare Syndrome". Tommy soon goes to bed. J.P. is chosen to keep watch for the night. Despite his best efforts not to. Before Takuya doses off he tells him that he saw a shadow sprint past him and J.P. They think nothing of it. As the other children are asleep to confrunts his nightmare. Tommy see's his mother but the others are holding him back. He soon thinks the other kids are his enemeys, he wakes up and starts attacking the other kids with a stick. The others try to find out what is wrong with poor Tommy. Tommy soon starts saying " I will never forgive you". He spirit evolves into Kumamon and uses his Crystal Freeze. They all decied not to spirit evolve so they don't hurt their young frined Tommy. Koji and Takuya see the shady figure again. Koji is suspicious And spirit evolves into Lobomon. Lobomon uses his saber to light up the surounding forest. They find out that it is in fact a digimon; Bakumon. Takuya spirit evovles into Agunimon. Lobomon defends himself against Kumamon. When Agunimon was taking care of Bakumon. Bakumon tries to get Agunimon with the "Nightmare Syndrome".Takuya realizes the nightmare he is having is not real. He tries to convince Kumamon that it's just a nightmare, a dream. He blasts Bakumon with a fire blow. Kumamon turns backin to Tommy. Tommy is no longer infected with the "Nightmare Syndrome". Bakumon apoligizes for him being controlled. As everyone gose back to sleep Koji layes awake and his D-Tector talks to him telling him to grow and find his beast spirit. A few qeustion pounder his mind.

Episode 10: Can’t Keep a Grumblemon Down
The Digidestined wake up and find a note from Kouji saying that he left to get something done. He ment to find his beast spirit. Bokomon and Neemon also left with Kouji hoping to see this beast spirit. So the Digidestined go out to look for them. Meanwhile Kouji’s tired of Bokomon and Neemon following him. He then runs into a Gotsumon with a magnifying glass on his own mission. He’s looking for a red looking jewel that will fit into a huge stone and bring forth the beast spirit of light, he plans to use it against Gigasmon. They begin to be suspicious of one another asking one another questions on what there doing. They then hear something at the Gotsumon village. It was Gigasmon attacking. Kouji evolves into Lobomon and starts to fight Gigasmon. Gigasmon woops his butt and the Gotsumon saves him by camouflaging himself to cover Lobomon. Gigasmon leaves and Lobomon thanks the Gotsumon, who just saw the jewel while saving Lobomon but was unable to get it. Later he finds it and is off on his way to the stone to get the beast spirit. Meanwhile the Digidestined are still looking when Grumblemon sees them and wants to fight. He slides into Gigasmon and the Digidestined all evolve. They fight but get beaten. Zoey then looses her spirit to Gigasmon by pushing Kumamon out of the way of an attack. Then Kouji arrives and lures Gigasmon away. The Gotsumon is at the stone and is about to release the spirit when he sees the fight. Lobomon is slammed into the wall and is now venerable to loose his spirit. Gotsumon saves him by holding Gigasmon with an attack. Kouji then releases the spirit and becomes KendoGururumon and starts to loose control, then beats Gigasmon, then evolves back to normal. Gigasmon falls into the sea and Kouji is saved, again by Gotsumon, from falling into the sea also.

Episode 11: A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon
The Digidestined walk around a town looking for a fortuneteller by the name of Shamenmon. They eventually find him and he already knows who they are. Meanwhile Grumblemon is pondering up a plan to stop Kouji from beast evolving. Shamanmon tells Takuya and Tommy that they will have a problem in the future. He starts to do a dance when all of a sudden Grumblemon starts to attack the town. The Digidestined go out to fight, after they left a bright light started to glow behind Shamanmon, he finds the glowing and reaches out to it. It was the beast spirit of Fire. Kouji goes to beast evolve after the others evolve but Grumblemon puts somesort of force field or something like that around Kouji that makes him unable to move. Grumblemon then slides into Gigasmon. The others go to fight and still get beaten. Kumamon gets hammered and then becomes venerable to loose his spirit. Gigasmon steals it and Kumamon evolves back into Tommy and falls to the ground. Then something bursted form the building that Shamanmon was in. It was BurningGreymon. Shamanmon was being possessed by the spirit and had no control over it. He starts to attack Gigasmon. Gigasmon knows he’s no match and runs, Kouji is then set free. BurningGreymon then asks Agunimon for help. He told him what happened and Agunimon fought with him to free Shamanmon. He eventually won and got the Spirit, but lost control and started to attack Beetlemon. Kouji evolves into KendoGururumon and they face off while Beetlemon tries to reason with them both. What will happen next???

Episode 12: Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
Burning Greymon and Kendogarurumon started fighting after the beast spirit took over Takuya. Beetlemon wasnt able to stop them and Burning Greymon burned some of the forest. Takuya kept trying to grab a hold of himself but kept thinking everyone else was the enemy. Tommy remembered what Takuya once him told about standing up to bullies so he stepped in to help by facing Burning Greymon. He was almost crushed but got through to Takuya.After changing back to normal, the group headed on and eventually came to a set of roots that looked like a maze. Everyone but Tommy and Takuya got stuck in the mud then Grumblemon appeared. Refusing to give up his spirit, Takuya spirit evolved to Agunimon but Grumblemon turned into Gigasmon. Gigasmon took hold of Tommy. Takuya couldnt get him back and was beaten by Gigasmon. Reluctantly, Takuya beast spirit evolved and took Gigasmon out of the forest to use his fire attacks. Takuya got back Tommy's spirit and took the Gigasmon spirit but wasnt fast enough to get Zoey's spirit. Grumblemon was confronted by his allies: Ranamon, Mercurymon, and Arbormon.

Episode 13: Better an Egg than an eggshell
The Digidestined find there way to a castle in the Forest Kingdom with some help from Ophanimon. When the doors open to the castle a digimon who looks like Wizardmon appeared telling them to leave. It was Sorcermon. Sorcermon was the caretaker of the castle. He finds out that theDigidestined are on the same side, so he lets them in. He tells them about Seraphimon’s tomb. Once theDigidestined walk into the room with the tomb and see him incased in a crystal looking tomb on the ceiling, there D-tectors start to shine a light from the screens. Meanwhile Grumblemon meets the other badguys. Ranamon, warrior of Water. Arbormon, warrior of wood. Mercurymon, warrior of steel. Duskmon, Warrior of Darkness wasn’t present. The four evil digimon go to find the Digidestined. Back at the castle, Takuya tells the others to point the light towards the tomb. Once they did that it broke and Seraphimon was freed. He told them about the constant war between Beastdigimon and Humandigimon that happened long ago. He also told them about Lucemon and how he stopped the war only to be corrupted by his own power. He told them about the 10 Legendary Warriors that defeated him then disappeared. He told them about how Him Ophanimon and Churubimon were put incharge and how Churubimon turned on Him and Ophanimon. Once he was done he thanked them and told them to leave the Digital World so he could fight alone. Then Grumblemon and the others showed up and started to attack, and Grumblemon want’s his Beast spirit back. Everyone evolved except for Zoey, and fought. It started to look good until Seraphimon used his Strike of the Seven stars attack. Mercurymon let the attack hit his mirror shild. He yelled out Dark Reflection, and the attack came back out only it was black insted of golden. It hit Seraphimon and he lost his fractle code to Mercurymon. The others evolve back and are cornered. Zoey grabs Seraphimon’s egg and runs back to the others. Sorcermon opens a secret passage and theDigidestined escape on a Trailmon in a tunnel. Sorcermon stayes behind to buy some time.

Episode 14: No Whamon
After the Digidestined are dropped off by the Trailmon they find out that they are in a cave of somesort with no way out. They look around for a while trying to find a way out when from out of nowhere a blast of water hit’s J.P. and Tommy, it was a blast created from Whamon who was in a pool of water in the middle of the cave. After Agunimon and Lobomon calm Whamon down, Whamon tells them how he got stuck down there. After the story something happens to Whamon and the pool of water disappears leaving Whamon with no water. It was Grumblemon. He came to get his beast spirit back. Agunimon and Lobomon go to stop him but are stopped by Arbormon. Grumblemon then turns a bunch of rocks into Rockmon. J.P. and Tommy have to fight them since Agunimon and Lobomon are fighting with Arbormon who just changed into Palidramon. They fight off the all of the Rockmon except for the one that Grumblemon’s, on Beetlemon then evolves back into J.P. who is still hurt because of the blast of water from Whamon earlier. Grumblemon then goes to hit J.P. when Whamon hits Grumblemon with a water blast flinging him into the wall. That’s when J.P. sees the beast spirit of thunder. Whamon had accidentally eaten it when he was eating seaweed before he got stuck down there. Grumblemon also sees it and goes after it. J.P. holds up his D-tector and gets the beast spirit of thunder. He then evolves and defeats Grumblemon, then slides back into Beetlemon and scans Grumblemon’s fractle code turning him into a Digiegg. Zoey then gets her spirit back. The cave then starts to crumble because of the battle. A bunch of rocks fall on Palidramon and water starts to poor in. The Digidestined all awake inside of Whamon’s mouth. He tell’s them that they are getting closer to an island.

Episode 15: Beastie Girl
Whamon drops the Digidestined off on an Island. They start to like the surroundings and would like to get some R&R. That’s when they notice a resort sitting on the beach. It was owned by the Toucanmon. Little did they know that the Toucanmon were actually part of Ranamon fan club. They found out about the Digidestined and planned to steal there D-tectors for Ranamon hoping that she would give them a kiss. They trick the Digidestined by blinding them with food and free stuff to have a vacation. The boys all go out to swim while Zoey tries to find the perfect swimsuit in the changing room. The Toucanmon steal the boy’s D-tectors and then goes for Zoey’s, but she screams when she notices someone’s peeping into the dressing room. The boy’s hear her and go after her. She screams and throws things at Takuya and J.P. after they run in on her when she’s wearing her underwear. Later the boys find out that there D-tectors were stolen by the Toucanmon. They go after them and that’s when Ranamon shows up and starts to attack. Zoey evolves to Kazemon. They start to fight and the boys just watch. Ranamon then senses her beast spirit just below them in a sunken ship and gets it. She beast evolves into Calamarimon. The Toucanmon don’t like her as much as they did now because of her appearance and leave. She battles Kazemon and is winning until she goes to do her final attack and flys off wildly because she hasn’t mastered her beast spirit. After that the Digidestined find out that the Toucanmon are gone and see them land on nearby Island.

Episode 16: The Swiss Family Digimon
The Tucanmon are now off to another island to sell the D-Tecctors. While The gang is with the Gommamon. They tell them that the island they once lived on is now surrounded by a whirlpool. And they cant get back. Calmaramon/ Ranamon is trying to control her beast spirit. When she hears that the children are by the island she goes after them. Zoe gets mad and spirit evolves into Fairymon. Ranamon has no time to play so she knocks Zoe into the whirlpool. Zoe then is drowning but then she is able to breath. Zoe finds her beast spirit and evolves into Zephyrmon. She fights Calmarimon and wins.

Episode 17: Bizarre Bazaar
The Toucanmon sell the D-Tectors to the Datamon. Tommy sees Datamon playing a game and walks in. Tommy is good at playing games so he wins the game for Datamon. Datamon shows him the D-Tectors and Tommy tells Datamon that they are his. Datamon doesn't believe him but asks him to prove it. Tommy runs off the find the others but runs into the Toucanmon instead. They gave some sort of machine and Tommy gets it from them and returns to Datamon. Petaldramon shows up for Ranamon. Tommy gets his D-Tector back and gets his Beast spirit of Ice. Tommy then spirit evolves to Korikakumon. And defeats Petaldramon.

Episode 18: Trailmon VS. Trailmon
The Digidestined are still trying to get to the forest terminal. They stop to take a break and get something to eat in a small town. Too bad they cant find anything. Zoe finds out about a race and for the prize its a cheese burger. The racers are Trailmon and the pilots are Takuya, JP, Zoe, Tommy, Koji, and Shadowgarurumon. The race starts off as Shadowgarurumon in the lead. But as the others catch up Shadowgarurumon and dogmon cheat to win. First JP, Zoe and there Trailmon slide off a mountain. They spirit evolve to save the trailmon and are out of the race. Next Takuya goes off a dead end and Tommy spirit evolves into Kumamon to save him. While Koji and Shadowgarurumon face off. Takuya catches up and Koji spirit evolves into Lobomon. Koji loses to the fight and now its up to Takuya. As he and shadowgarurumon enter the dark tunnel the flamemon start and fire with the lose oil. Takuya's Trailmon is tired and stops and as Shadowgarurumon closes in on the finish Takuay beast spirit evolves into Burninggreymon. Burninggreymon gives the Trailmon a little "boost" with his fire attack. And the trailmon sends it right back at Shadowgarurumon and his trailmon. Unable to go anymore Shadowgarurumon, Dogmon, and the Trailmon are out of the race. When Takuya gets to the finish he is told that they only get to eat at the restaurant.

Episode 19: You Want Fries With That?
Petaldramon and chamelemons are destroying a village. An owner of a burger restuaruant gives petaldramon some burgers. He likes them and decides to kidnap the guy. The digidestin come and find out about the situation. They decide to try to help out so they make there own burgers. While tomy and zoe go outside to eat tomyies burgers Petaldramon comes and takes the burgers likes them and takes JP, Zoe, and Tomy. They get locked up and are forced to cook. All of them evole to hybrid spirts and breakout. They get into a fight with some chamelemon and then feed Petaldramon some burgers. He falls asleep and they knock down the mansion while they're still in their beast spirts. They go back to the village and everyone is happy. Petaldramon gets out of the rumble of the mansion.

Episode 20: From Dawn to Duskmon
Mercuremon, Arbormon, and Ranamon go to meet cherubimon. He appears in front of them in an a open carvern. Mercuremon Gives cherubimon the fractual code that they had got and cherubimon notices that Seraphimon's fractal code is missing. Cherubimon lets him keep it though for now. The digidestine are riding a trailmon when it stops and knocks them off. They appear in front of the dark gate which leads to the dark land. Everyone decides to go through the land but bokomon which eventually chooses to. Mercuremon is in a cave trying to figure how cherubimon knew. He is dirupted when duskmon appears. The digidestine are going and find some stuff to use a lamp. They continue on their way til they get into tongue twisters with pipsimon. When arbormon comes and kills them, then takes their fractal code. The digidestine get into a battle with arbormon who slides evolutions to Petaldramon. Then goes back to arbormon after the digidestine turn back to human form. Duskmon comes up and kills arbormon and arbormons digiegg floats away.

Episode 21: Darkest before Duskmon
They get into a fight with duskmon and are forced to retreat after Lobomon says so. They then go and build a campfire at a concrete building. Takuya comes up with a plan of attack against duskmon. Koji doesn't like it and gets in an argument over it with takuya. While there about to leave duskmon shows up at the camp and the evolve. While fighting kendogarurumon saves agunimon. Duskmon then lets out a dark fog that covers them. Takuya is then brought to the dark terminal and boards a trailmon there.

Episode 22: Home Again, Takuya Returns
After the battle with Duskmon and Koji almost killing himself, Takuya wakes up at a train station. There a darktrailmon is waiting for him to return home. Takuya gets on the train and turns into a half human half digimon thing. When Takuay gets off the train people are just looking at him. Takuya runs home and relizes he came the same day he left. Takuya decides to go back to the digital-world and there he is turned back into a human. He evolves into Agunimon and promises to take being a digimon more seriousely. While he was in the real world he sees someone that looks like Koji. Could he be another spirit holder?

Episode 23: Sockit Takuya
Ranamon and Mercurymon have caputered Zoe, JP, and Tommy. Meanwhile 3 datemon have the D-Tectors and are trying to get them to open so they can get there spirits. Koji is behind a rock seeing whatis going on and Agunimon is trying to find them but finds Neemon and Bokomon instead. Agunimon now learns that he can call on all the forces of nature. They soo nrun inot a Sepikmon and he helps them to the others. Koji then spirit evolves into Lobomon but Ranamon slide evolves into Calmarimon. And takes care of Lobomon. Then Agunimon shows up. He uses his new power and rescues the others. They all evolve and defeat Ranamon and Mercurymon.

Episode 24: Alone But Never Alone
JP is now leading but the others make mean comments about him. Then the kids are sucked into a digimon (a giant one at that!). JP is pushed into another "room" and is attacked by a Volcamon. But he spirit evolves and takes care of him. Then his shadow tries to tell him that his friends hate him and never wanted him here. JP then rembers how at school he tried to make friends but failed. Thenhis shadow turns into a DarkBeetlemon. And they go into an area and fight but with alot of digidestin to make fun of him. JP evolves into MetalKauterimon then his shadow does the same. JP then fires his cannon at close range and defeats the shadow. And Takuya, Tommy, Zoe, and Koji are joined up again with JP.

Episode 25: The Dark Heart Of Friendship
Tommy gets a group of digimon in his sector who pretend to be his friend, but seem kind of suspicious. Can he figure out the truth before they steal his D-Tector?

Episode 26: Zoe’s Unbeelievable Adventure
While Zoe is looking for a way to get out of her sector, she stumbles into Ranamon. The fight between Ranamon and Zoe reaches its exciting finale, but who will come out the victor?

Episode 27: Stuck In Sakkakumon With You
Koji encounters Duskmon in his sector. He must battle Duskmon one on one, but will he be able to succeed when the Digi-Destined couldn't defeat Duskmon as a team? Episode 28: The Darkness Before Dawn
To get out of Sakkakumon, Takuya must find a way to defeat Mercurymon. Can he find a way to achieve Fusion Evolution and succeed, or are the digi-destined done for in this battle?

Episode 29: Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
Sakkakumon reveals he is still alive, and now he has the digi-destined's attacks. Can they find a way to create new attacks and defeat Sakkakumon once and for all?

Episode 30: O Brother, Who Art Thou?
Koji and Kouichi begin to figure out they're related some how, but what is that relation, and can it stop the two of them from destroying each other?

Episode 31: Workin’ On The Train Gang
JP, Zoe, and Tommy decide to discover what horrors await them at the Rose Morning Star by searching a Trailmon graveyard, but what horrors await them inside the graveyard?

Episode 32: My Brother In Spirit
When Koji realizes he has a brother and has been fighting him, he refuses to fight anymore. Can Takuya make him see the evil of Velgrmon?

Episode 33: Never The Twins Shall Meet
Now that he's a regular human again, Kouichi decides to join the digi-destined, but will he find a way to help them out without any spirits of his own to use?

Episode 34: Operation: Free Ophanimon
The digidestined decide to free Ophanimon once and for all, but Cherubimon ends up being her guard. Can they find a way to free her from the final of the 3 guardian Digimon?

Episode 35: Takuya And Kouji’s Evolution Revolution
Takuya and Koji must hold off Cherubimon while the others free Ophanimon, but can they succeed when Cherubimon makes them lose their spirits?

Episode 36: Ice Ice Baby
Cherubimon seems to be defeated, but he appears to be easy compared to IceDevimon. Can the others find a way to defeat IceDevimon with Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors frozen solid?

Episode 37: Cherubimania
The final battle between EmperorGreymon/ MagnaGarurumon and Cherubimon begins, but who will end up being the victor, and who are these mysterious characters that are watching the battle?

Episode 38: It Can’t Be! Lucemon Reappears
The Royal Knights appears and reveal that Lucemon will return. Can the digi-destined find a way to prevent this chaos from occuring, or will they be delaying the inevitable?

Episode 39: The Man In The Moon Is You
After waking up on the moon, the digi-destined decide to try to get back to the digital world to get revenge on the Royal Knights, but will they succeed, or will they be stuck on the moon for the rest of their lives?

Episode 40: The Bully Pulpit
The digidestined run into the same group of kids that pusked Tommy onto the train causing him to come into the digital world, but can Tommy get past his resentment of them and save the day?

Episode 41: Jerks And The Beanstalk
Katshuhara and company have been captured by the Royal Knights. It's a good thing for them that Tommy is with them, but can they find a way to save Beanstalk Village, and can the other kids get Trailmon Worm to want to help out?

Episode 42: Glean Eggs And Scram
When the Royal Knights target the Village of Beginnings for their next assault, it's up to the kids to convince the Trailmon to save the digi-eggs, but can they finally defeat the Royal Knights? Maybe they can with help from some old enemies.

Episode 43: Bad To The Bones
The kids rush to try and save the Flame Terminal from being deleted, but with the SkullSatamon already on hand, can they find a way to defeat them? Is there any way to unite all the Digimon to fight together?

Episode 44: Now You See It, Now You Don’t
With only 3 areas left to protect in the digital world, the digi-destined must act fast to save the Forest Terminal. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be getting stronger, but will they finally be able to defeat the Royal Knights?

Episode 45: All Aboard The Tag Team Express
Only 2 areas of the digital world remain: The Autumn Leaf Fair and Ophanimon's castle, but can the kids find a way to save The Fair without losing any more Digimon friends, or is the digital world truly done for?

Episode 46: To Make The World Go Away
The digi-destined arrive at Ophanimon's castle to try and save the last bit of data from being given to Lucemon. Can they finally defeat the Royal Knights, or will Lucemon be reborn?

Episode 47: When Knights Fall....
The battle for the final data begins. The final battle with the Royal Knights starts, but is there a ray of hope for the digi-destined to win this surprising bout?

Episode 48: The Brothers Yin And Yang
Since Emperor Greymon and MagnaGarurumon proved to be too weak, the kids decide to try a multi attack, but will it be enough, or will they need additional power?

Episode 49: Lucemon On The Loose
Susanoomon has been born, but will the combined powers of all 10 legendary spirits be enough to defeat Lucemon for good, or does Lucemon have one final surprise in store?

Episode 50: End Of The Line
The final battle between Lucemon and Susanoomon will be decided not in the digital world, but in the real world. Who will end up prevailing in this free-for-all?
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