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There were 4 digivices released in North America so far. In every one, you go on an adventure and evolve your digimon to higher levels.

Original Digivice (Season 1)

Rating: 6/10
The first Digivice released in North America was an edited version of the original Digimon toy, a fighting Tamagotchi that was released in Japan. You can choose from the 8 Digimon that were the partners of the Season 1 Digidestined. It has a built-in counter that counts steps when you walk. While you're walking, an evil Digimon might attack you. In battle, you can digivolve to become more powerful and defeat your enemies. You can add more Digimon to your team on your adventure. The goal of the game is to explore the seven areas of the game, defeat all the bosses and bring peace to the Digital World.

D-3 Digivice (Season 2)

Rating: 6/10
The D3 is very similar to the first Digivice. The adventure and gameplay is very similar, but there are new Digimon from Season 2 that you can choose from. The D3 is compatible with the first Digivice - you can battle someone with the original Digivice with a D3. Overall the two digivices are almost exactly the same.

D-Power (Season 3)

Rating: 9/10
The D-Power Digivice is probably the most fun out of all of them. It has all the features of the old digivices, plus many new ones. You choose from Guilmon, Renamon or Terriermon, the 3 main digimon of Season 3. Whichever one you pick, you can meet up with the other two during your quest. You fight evil Digimon, which give you experience and make you stronger if you defeat them. There are 13 areas to conquer to get to the boss at the end. Once you beat a sector (which consists of 3 areas), your digimon will Digivolve. There are also Mini-Games that can advance your step progress. The main feature of this Digivice is the card slash. The speed at which you slash the included blue card through the reader determines which kind of special attack you will use. Another new feature is the items, which you can use to heal yourself or ensure you're using the right attack against an opponent - the card slash can be difficult to do right. The biggest new feature is that you can connect the Digivice to the computer to save your progress in case the batteries run out and also battle other players online. You can also battle your friends by putting two D-Powers together. The only downside is that there's only 3 different Digimon to use, but otherwise, this digivice is great!

D-Tector (Season 4)

Rating: 8/10
The D-Tector can't be connected to a computer, but there are a lot of brand-new features in this digivice too. You start with one of the five digi-destined children from Digimon Frontier. Some bosses, when defeated, will give you Spirits. You can encounter the other children, which help you. There is a "TV" event in which you get a random item or encounter a Digimon after holding the D-Tector in front of a TV. There's also Camp, which you go to when you're tired or have been defeated. Another feature is the Storm, which can carry away your friends or yourself to another area. The biggest new feature is the D-Tector Codes. When you input a code from the top of a D-Tector Card Game card into the Digivice, you'll get that Digimon on your team. However, you can't control strong Digimon until you are strong enough yourself. Unfortunately you can't train your Digimon to be stronger, but you can train your Spirits. The D-Tector is compatible with the first two digivices, but not with the D-Power. For some reason, the battles on the D-Tector are kind of random - you can't really control what happens. The D-Tector is not as good as the D-Power, but it is still well worth the price.
D-Tector Codes

Other Digivices
I only have the Digivices that were released in Canada/US here, but if you've played one of the japanese Digivices and want to share a review, email me:
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