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Season 2 Episode Guide
Eps guide provided by: Digimon Spirit! (with permission of course) Thx!

Episode 1: Enter FlameDramon
It's been 3 years since the Digidestined defeated Apocalymon. Tai recieves and Emergancy call from Agumon and heads straight to the Digital World and tells agumon to Digivolve, but he can't because of a new thing called a Dark Tower set up by a new evil the Digimon Emperor. He meets Patamon and Gatomon and they go into a cave where he tries to lift up a weird looking egg, three little gold balls fly out and Disappear. They come threw the computer and end up in the hands of Davis, Yolei and Cody. Kari, TK and Davis head to the Digital world Izzy is about to go but then Yolei walks in. In the Digital World, They all try to pick up the Egg but only Davis can, and out comes his own Digimon V-mon! He uses the Digi-egg and V-mon Armor Digivolves into Flamedramon

Episode 2: The Digi-Team Complete.
Davis and the others saved the Digital World and returned to the real world. Then the next day, Yolei, Cody and Davis, along with Izzy and Sora as guides, went to the Digital World. It seemed like a picnic to Yolei and she was very excited. But the Digimon Emperor had been waiting for her and suddenly began attacking... Davis was defeated and captured by The Emperor. When all she was able to do was leave Davis and run away, Yolei realized the harsh reality of the digital world.

Episode 3: A New Digitude.
First Davis, then Yolei and Cody got the power to fight the Digimon Emperor. But T.K.'s and Kari's digimon, Patamon and Gatomon, had their power to digivolve sealed by the Black Digivice and were unable to even fight! The Emperor concentrated his attacks on Patamon and Gatomon. Able only to run away as Davis and the others protected them, T.K.'s and Kari's hearts were filled with despair. But when they looked deep within a cave they happened to hide in, what they saw were two Digi-eggs with the Crests of Hope and Light engraved on them...

Episode 4: Iron Veggiemon.
In order to save the Digimon from his dominion, Davis and the others began battling the Digimon Emperor. Emporer used his Black Digivice and Evil Rings to further expand his territory. Then another town fell into The Emperor's hands. With a fearless smile on his face and the Dark Tower at his back, The Emperor looked down upon the village. With their town surrounded by The Emperor's minions, the villagers had no choice but to obey his command. There was just one among them who watched for the The Emperor's weakness, Matt's digimon, Gabumon. Gabumon planned to lead the villagers away while The Emperor was away from the village. But what awaited him was RedVegiemon's torture rack!

Episode 5: Old Reliable
In the frozen wasteland of the North, an unknown sound echoed. There The Emperor forced the Gizamon to build him a huge prison. When Gomamon opposed the cruel plan, The Emperor attacked him. Sensing Gomamon's danger, Joe threw down his test and ran to the computer room. The Digidestined and Joe head to the Digital world to battle.

Episode 6: Family Picnic
It's The Weekend! The Digidestined take a break. The New Digidestined(Including TK and Kari) and Mimi head to the Digital World for a picnic. Hawkmon Runs off chasing a piece of food and Yolei follows him, then mimi follows Yolei, they end up in a trap made by the Digimon Emperor. Where the Roachmon attack. Luckily Togemon Is there to help them!

Episode 7: Guardian Angel
When the Digidestined are destroying a Control Spire in metal city the Gaurdromon are to much for them to handle so they live. But the Digi-Port is destroyed before one of them can make it, Kari. Kari and Gatomon are trapped in the Digi-World with no way out. Then Davis and TK Go in the digi-world through a digi-port close . Andromon Attacks Kari because he has a Dark Ring. Kari Convinces him that she knows him, and he used to be so nice. And with her Digivice the Dark Ring is destroyed.

Episode 8: Ken's Secret
It was the first game of the soccer season, and Davis was going against last years champion team, and Ken Ichijouji the boy genius was on that side. Davis did bad the whole game, but at kens final shot he slid and hits kens ankle. In the Digital World Davis was Captured by the Emperor and he noticed he had the same scar as the Boy Genius Ichijouji Ken! The Digimon Emperor is Ken!

Episode 9: The Emperor's New Home
Ken has left the Real World and has made the Digital World his new home, now that his identity had been revealed. The Emperor went after Agumon! Using the Black Rings and forced him to Digivolve to Metal Greymon. But the Evil power was to powerful Metal Greymon went wild and started attacking everything in site!

Episode 10: The Captive Digimon
When Tai heard that agumon was captured Tai joins the new DigiDestined to find and free agumon. The Digimon Emperor has learned that his Dark Rings don't have enough power to control Ultimate level Digimon. Wormmon helps Agumon escape. Agumon meets up with Tai again but the Empeor attacks and he has a new Imrpoved Dark Ring, He captures agumon and he digivolves into a Virus Metal Greymon!

Episode 11: Storm of Friendship
The Digidestined are searching for Agumon, and Cody notices a Digi-Egg on his d-3. They go in search for it, and find it. Everyone but Davis tries to lift it, because he thinks it's definately not for him. Then Flymon flies in and hits patamon away from TK. The Digimon Emperor shows up on metal greymon and tries to put the Dark Spiral around Patamon. Then Garurumon shows up with matt and saves him. Seeing Tai and Matts friendship Davis realizes how much veemon means to him and that he should've saved him and The Digi-Egg of Friendship helps Veemon to Armor Digivolve into Raidramon and Agumon is Saved!!

Episode 12: The Good the Bad and The Digi
Biyomon sends out an emergancy call from the Digital World, and Sora and the New Digidestined rush to the Digital World, while Kari and TK stay home. TK sleeping and Kari just relaxing They end up in an Old Western town. As they walk around exploring the Town they meet Starmon, who gives them something to drink at the Salloon, and shows that he has a Dark Spiral and Throws them into Jail. The Digimon don't have enough strength to Digivolve, so they're trapped! Deputymon comes and releases the Girls For a game of cards. And then Starmon noticed deputymon freed the Girls and they have a Duel. And Davis and Cody escape. Starmon wins, But then Flamedramon attack Starmon.

Episode 13: His Masters Voice

Kari has been having strange nightmares laely, then one day during class she had one, TK notcied that she was Digitalized, only he could notice though. When Kari went to the beach she was transported into another Dimension, where she met some Scubamon/Divermon with Dark Spirals around them. She tried to help them,then Airdramon attacked. Then TK Gatomon and Patamon saw Kari's image calling out for help in the sky. They Jumped and went through the Dimensions gate and faught Airdramon. Pegasusmon destroyed the Dark Tower and Gatomon Digivolves into Angewomon and destroyed Airdramon and freed the Scuba/Divermon. The Scubamon turn into shadowy creatures and try to convince Kari to be their Queen. Angemon warns them with a shot. They went back into the sea and warned the Digidestined that their Master will get them...

Episode 14: Samurai of Sincerity
The Digidestined go to the Digital World in search of a Digi-Egg that showed up on their D-3. They come upon a Restaurant and stop to eat. When Yolei goes to pay Digitamamon says she can only pay with Digi-Dollars, well, they don't have Digi-Dollars. Then TK remembers that's where Matt and Joe were forced to work 3 years ago. Then Mimi and Micheal come to save the day! Micheal is also a digidestined from America. Mimi convinced Digitamamon to give them a free meal. Gorillamon attacks and Micheal's Digimon Digivolves To Seadramon. Seadramon gets rid of the Black Spiral around Gorillamon. Digitamamon got a Dark Spiral stuck in his shell and goes to the Digidestined to settle the score. Yolei realizes that you shouldn't judge a Book by it's Cover and the Digi-Egg of Sincerity shows up and Hawkmon Digivolves to Shurimon and destroys the Dark Spiral.

Episode 15: Big Trouble in Little Edo
The Digidestined go to The Digital World and end-up in an old Samurai Town. They meet up with Ninjamon, an enemy of Shurimon. Shurimon and Ninjamon face-off. The Digidestined meet up with Gekomon and go into their underground hideout. Then ShowgunGekomon gets a Dark Spiral around him and the Children quickly run out of the underground hideout. In order to destroy the Dark Tower They trick ShogunGekomon into destroying the dark tower with his Musical Fist attack.

Episode 16: 20,000 Digi-Leagues under the Sea
The Digidestined go to the Digital World in Search of a new Digi-Egg. Then they get trapped in an oil platform searching for it when seadramon attacks and it starts to flood and they have to seel themselves in. Cody is scared of being under water afraid he'll never get out so the Digidestined Decide he should go in a little escape submarine and find Joe. He gets Joe and Ikkakumon Comes to the rescue. When Cody comes back they have found the Digi-Egg of Reliability and Armadillomon Digivolves into Submarimon.

Episode 17: Ghost of a Chance
August First, The Defeat of Myotismon. All the Digidestined, Old and New came together and talked about it. At the Odaiba TV station there was a Ghost that everyone had been seeing. The Digidestined went there and followed it to find out it Was Wizardmon. Wizardmon told them That 'Kindness Will Release The Golden Radience and Kindness alone won't be able to defeat the Darkness.

Episode 18: Run Yolei Run
Izzy and Cody discover the Emperors base. But when they come back with the Other Digidestined it's gone. Yolei wants to be the one to save the day and Hawkmon gets hurt because of that. Kari and Gatomon stay behind with Yolei and Hawkmon while the others go in search of the base. Mean While The Emperor is Preparing the ultimate Digimon Kimeramon!

Episode 19: An Old Enemy Returns
The Digimon Emporer creates a digimon of his own, Kimeramon. Kimeramon is made up of Kabuterimon's head, the hair of Metalgreymon, the wings of Angemon and Airdramon, and the arms of, Skullgreymon Kuwagamon and Devimon's. TK and Cody sneak into his base, and TK heads off alone to get revenge on the Emporer.

Episode 20: The Darkness Before Dawn
The Digimon Emperor and Kimeramon are attacking all the towns in the Digital World. The Digidestined decide it's time to take action. Kimeramon is to much for all the Digidestined, eventogether. But Davis isn't planning to give up so he goes in search of something to stop the best. Wormmon shows Davis the Central power source for the Base. And he finds a Golden Digi-Egg with the crest of Kindness on it, and V-mon Armor Digivolves into Magnamon.

Episode 21: The Crest Of Kindness
Magnamon and Kimeramon battle. Ken's Base crashed and he hopped onto Devidramon's back. Wormmon realizes it's up to him to change The Digimon Emperor back into his old self, and he bursts into tears remembering the sweet ken he used to know. Then he knocks The Digimon Emperor off Devidramon's Back and Goes to attack Kimeramon, he is easily beat and he gives the last of his power to Magnamon. Magnamon then destroys Kimeramon. The Digidestined are all huddled together around wormmon, when The Digimon Emperor realizes he's done nothing but wrong and turns back into his normal self. Davis finds a crest, when Ken comes over to wormmon the crest glows and goes to Ken. Wormmon tells Ken that it's his. Then Wormmon is deleted, and Ken returns home into the real World.

Episode 22: Davis Cries Wolfman
The Digidestined go to the Digital World to clean up the mess that the Digimon Emperor made. Davis tries to trick V-mon into digivolving into his Champion form to Impress Kari. He just can't trick him, until a bolder rolls after them and it hits Tortomon. Tortomon thinks they threw the bolder at him and Chased after them. V-mon then digivolved into X-V-mon.

Episode 23: Genesis of Evil
Ken is asleep and cannot wake-up until he figures out who he is. He is Dreaming of when he was Younger and when he went into the Digital World for the First time and How he became the Digimon Emperor. He thens wakes up and his Mother and Father are there He doesn't know who they are. Then He goes into the Digital to find wormmon, He goes to Primary Village, all the Baby Digimon yell at him and tell him he'll never see Wormmon again. Then his Crest Glows and he sees a glowing Egg. It's Wormmon it hatches and out comes Wormmons baby form Leafmon. He and leafmon return home. He remembers who he is now.

Episode 24: If I had a Tail Hammer
There is a lady in Ken's room and tells him he has failed as emperor. The Digidestined go back to the Digital World to continue cleaning up. They return to the Digital World to clean up again the next day. Davis tries to digi-volve V-mon but he can't. TK and Kari leave to see if Patamon and Gatomon can digivolve, they can't. They noticed that there was still a control spire up that was working. Yolei and Cody go to continue cleaning up with their digimon while davis stays behind and plays with the Punimon that were waiting there when they came. Cody and Digmon are about to fix up an underground area when Thundermon appears and starts attacking them. Armadillomon digivolves into Ankylomon. Cody and Ankylomon go back above ground. Cody is blown into the sky and saved by Stingmon. Stingmon defeats Thundermon. Ken appears and Stingmon flies back to ken and de-volves into Wormmon. Cody noticed that the control spire had vanished.

Episode 25: Spirit Needle
Davis talks to the others about Ken joining with them, They all disagree about him and have their doubts except TK. Davis runs into Davis by the water and tells him that he should consider joining them. Ken says he just can't do that. Yolei debates about weather Ken is trustworthy or not. Ken and Stingmon went back to the digital world and it was covered with control spires. Mimi and Palmon are in the Digital World the next day and there is a mysterious woman and she turns a Control Spire into a Digimon with a hair, Golemon. Palmon passes out and Mimi sends out a distress call to the Digidestined. They come and Golemon is about to destroy the Dam. The Digimon attack but that's not enough Golemon makes a hole in the dam. The Digimon stop the water but Golemon tries again to destroy the Dam. The Digimon try to attack him but get easily defeated. Stingmon stops Golemon from breaking the dam. Palmon wakes up and tells them that Golemon isn't a real digimon. Yolei realizes that Ken has changed, and Hawkomon digivolves into Aquilamon. Stingmon and Aquilamon defeat Golemon together.

Episode 26: United We Stand
Davis and the Digidestined go back to the Digital world and rebuild a Bridge when Arukenimon appears and creates Minotarumon using Spirit Needle and sends him to destroy the Bridge. Pegusmon, Nefertimon and Raidramon destroy him together. The Digidestined talk about Ken and him joining them, some of them are still unsure of him. Izzy sends a message to Cody about something strange going on at The Digimon Emperor's Base and the Digidestined go over there. Meanwhile Ken and Stingmon are destroying a ton of the Dark Spires. Davis emails Izzy to tell Ken to come to help them. Arukenimon appears on Ken's screen and tells him that it wasn't his Idea to create the Dark Spires and she was really just using him. Izzy calls Ken and Kena dn Wormmon head to the Digital World. Arukenimon appears and creates Okuwamon. All the Digimon digivolve but they're unsuccessful. Ken arrives and Wormmon Digivolves into Stingmon. X-Vmon and Davis fight over the fact that they need Stingmon and Ken to join them. Then their digivices go off and Stingmon and XV-mon "DNA" (Jogress.. fusion) Digivolve into Paildramon!

Episode 27: Fusion Confusion
Paildramon battles with Okuwamon and The digidestined head into Ken's base, and Davis and Ken run ahead the others. Ken sticks in his crest of kindness and the power shuts off and the warp returns to normal. The emporer's base starts to fall apart, and Izzy email's Cody to tell him that the warp is getting worse not better! Ken tells the digidestined that they need to follow some pipes, they lead to the main reactor and the power can be shut off. They reach the main source of the reactors power, The warp is getting even worse. Paildramon destroys Okuwamon and then comes into the emporer's base and destroys the reactors source of power. Paildramon then completely destroys the base so that it can't be used ever again. Ken still doesn't think he deserves to join the digidestined, and heads home alone with Leafmon, the rest of the Digidestined head home too. The digidestined head over to Izzy's house and he explains about DNA Digivolving, and how they were called back to release the power of their crests to protect the Digital world.

Episode 28: The Insect Masters Trap
The Digidestined destroy more of the control spires. Back home in the computer lab, they all talk about DNA Digivolving. In the Digital World, after destroying a bunch of Control Spires Ken and Wormmon talk about DNA Digivolving too. Davis gets an email from Arukenimon telling them to come to the "Giga House" The Digidestined all meet together at the house which is HUGE. Ken Davis and Cody head into the giant house together not knowing Arukenimon is spying on them. An army of Roachmon come climbing out of the sink, and outside a swarmon of flymon come flying towards Yolei, Kari and Tk! Veemon digivolves to Ex-veemon and wormmon digivolves to Stingmon, and Armadillomon digivolves to Ankylomon and start destroying the Roachmon. Patamon and Gatomon armor Digivolves, and Hawkmon digivolves to Aquilamon they break into the house trying to get away from the flymon. Some Kunemon come and attack Stingmon and Stingmon and Ken fly into a giant washer! Ankylomon de-digivolves and then armor digivolves Submarimon, he saves Ken and Stingmon. Ken, cody and Davis run into Arukenimon playing a flute, which she uses to control Stingmon to fight ex-veemon. Armadillomon armor digivolves to Digmon. Arukenimon uses her flute to control him too! Ken, Cody and Davis end up stuck in a spider web with Dokugumon!

Episode 29: Arukenimon's Tangeled Web
Cody e-mail's the others asking for help, but they're all to busy with digimon attacking them! Ken and Davis kick of piece of wood at a thermostat which turned on an airconditionar and blew Dokugumon off the web. Ken, Cody, Davis and Veemon hide in a huge dresser drawer but before they knew it Digmon was drilling through it! Cody and Ken decide that they need to manipulate the sound of the flute, so they email Yolei, and tell her to use the computer to use a sound program to do that. TK and Kari help her get it all set up, they record the sound and mix it up then replay it and the digimon stop attacking. Arukenimon shows them her true form and attacks. Veemon digivolves and the Digimon all try to attack her, she's to fast for them. Stingmon and Ex-veemon DNA Digivolves into Paildramon and trick Arukenimon intro coming into the Dining room where the digidestined attack her and then Paildramon stops her with his Desperado Blaster and they question her. Mummymon appears to help Arukenimon and attacks the digimon right on!

Episode 30 : Ultimate Anti-Hero
The digidestined destroy more of the control spires. Cody and Ken still aren't talking and Davis tries to get them to work together as a team by tricking them. Cody and Ken are angry about that, Ken leaves because he thinks not every team member wants him around. Arukenimon is frustrated that she cannot create a digimon powerful enough to defeat the digidestined. She has tried using 1 control spire and then 10 control spires. She decides to make a digimon from 100 control spires, and does so. The digimon is called "Black WarGreymon" and is much more then the digidestined can handle. Even with Paildromon, Aquilamon, Pegasusmon, and Nefertimon, the digidestined can't even scratch black wargeymon. Arukenimon gives the order for him to finish the digidestined off, but he refuses, and claims that no one who is less powerful then him should give him orders, and flies off.

Episode 31 : Opposites Attract
Arukenimon and Mummymon are driving around tracking Black WarGreymon. In the computer lab they talk about Black Wargreymon then head to the Digital world to find Black Wargreymon when Gatomon realizes they're in the spot she lost her Tail ring. Yolei and Kari head off in search of it and come to find Ken screaming because he sees the Dark Ocean. Cody Davis and TK are searching for Gatomon's Tail ring, when Davis looks at his Digivice and see's there are three signals now and runs after them to see who the third signal is. Yolei spots Davis and runs towards him but they go right through eachother and Davis can't even see them. Hearing the waves of the Dark Ocean, Kari runs towards it, Ken and Yolei follow her, but only Ken and Kari can see the ocean. Arukenimon creates Blossomon with her Spirit Needle attack and she comes to attack Yolei, Ken, and Kari. Hawkmon and Wormmon digivolve to fight Blossomon. Kari starts to think that she can't stand the darkness anymore and can't win then Yolei smacks some sense into her. A pink light surrounds Kari and Yolei, Hawkmon and Gatomon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon and defeat Blossomon!

Episode 32 : If only I had a Heart
Black Wargreymon comes upon a herd of Mammothmon made by Arukenimon and easily defeats them without a scratch on himself. Black Wargreymon wonders why he feels so empty, Arukenimon tells him they're not real feelings but he won't believe it. Arukenimon Flee the scene to find the Destiny stone. Davis and Ken both get an email from Kari saying they need them to come to the Digital World. Arukenimon uses her spirit needle attack to create Knightmon so he can destroy the Destiny Stone. Black Wargreymon heads off into the sunset and runs into Agumon and talks to him about having a heart and find out why he was created, what his purpose was. Kari and Davis see Knightmon destroying the Destiny Stone, all digidestined arrive and their digimon try to stop him. The Digimon DNA Digivolve and unsuccesfully try to defeat Knightmon and the Destiny Stone is starting to be destroyed. Black Wargreymon quickly leaves Agumon and goes to the Destiny Stone and completely destroys it.

Episode 33 : A Chance Encounter
Yolei is on a school trip in Kyoto and leaves Poromon at Izzy's house. Ken goes to Izzy's house and they talk about the D-3's and that Ken must've wished for a new Digivice and the other kids did too in their self-conscience. Ken decides to take Poromon to the Digital World with him. In Kyoto, Yolei sees Black Wargreymon faded in the sky, in the Digital World he was destroying a Destiny stone and created a warp. Only Yolei could see him and other blobs in the real world. One of the dark blobs turns into Apemon. Joe's brother Jim is there filming a movie and sees the Digimon in the camera. Stingmon comes and saves Yolei, and takes Apemon back to the Digital world with him and Ken Drops off Poromon with Yolei. Jim and Sora's father come up to Yolei and ask her if she called out Digimon. They pick her up to drive her back to her school group and tell her who they are and about the 4 spirits surrounding Kyoto. Yolei spots the black blobs of Digimon in the road, and one of them turns into Musyamon. Poromon digivolves to Hawkmon tries to attack, then armor Digivolves into Shurimon and chases Musyamon down. Yolei opens the digiport and they send Musyamon back to the Digital World.

Episode 34 : Destiny in Doubt
Black Wargreymon still wanders around trying to find out why he was made and to find the next destiny stones. The digidestined talk about the destiny stones, they need to protect them because if they don't several different dimensions could get all mixed up together and in the end each world could end up be covered in darkness. Then they head to the Digital world to track down Black Wargreymon before he destroys the destiny stone. Black Wargreymon destroys the destiny stone before the Digidestined even get there, after he destroyed it he saw a Giant digimon whom he thinks is his nemises. The digidestined head home and return to the Digital World the next day. They split up in search of the next Destiny Stone. Gabumon comes up to TK and Cody and tells them that there's a destiny stone just on the other side of the mountain, and that Black Warygreymon does have a heart. Cody doesn't know how they can destroy a creature that has a heart, but TK thinks that he has to be destroyed because he's been turned evil. The other digidestined head off to find the Destiny stone and TK and Cody stay behind. Black Wargreymon get's closer and closer to the Destiny stone and the Digimon DNA Digivolve and try to stop him, Arukenimon and Mummymon pop in and start to attack. TK and Cody are just walking by above and Kari screams for help, Patamon and Armadillomon digivolve. It's not an easy battle for them until the destiny releases power and Angemon digivolves into Magnaangemon!! Unfortunately Magnaangemon can't stop Black Wargreymon and the destiny stone is still destroyed.

Episode 35: Cody Takes A Stand
The Digidestined hid a destiny stone from Arukenimon and Mummymon but Black Wargreymon appeared and destroyed it. Once again the digimon whom he thinks is his nemises appears. The Digidestined quickly head back the real world because the sky is starting to suck things in. In the Real World, Davis invites Ken to sleep over at his house and Yolei and Kari to dinner. Cody goes to see Matt and Matt tells him about the fight with Devimon 3 years ago. Black Wargreymon continues his hunt for the next destiny stone. Davis gets a call in the morning from Kari telling him and ken to come to the digital world because they found another destiny stone. Black Wargreymon finds the destiny stone in the Digital world and the Digimon DNA Digivolve. The Digimon stop Black Wargreymon before he gets to the destiny stone, but right after that he split a path in the water where the destiny stone is. Cody runs in front of the stone to try and stop him by telling him that he does have a heart and to stop destroying the destiny stones. Black Wargreymon charges at cody and Angemon saves him just in time and yet another destiny stone is destroyed.

Episode 36: Stone Soup
In the Digital World Arukenimon and Mummymon come to a chinese retaraunt and can't resist the smell of the soup so they go into eat. The digidestined can smell the aroma of the soup and head off to find the restuarant. When they get there they see that Arukenimon and Mummymon are in there eating. All of the Digimon Digivolve and attack straight on towards Arukenimon and Mummymon. Hawkmon and Gatomon try to DNA Digivolve but they just can't do it. Arukenimon and Mummymon escape. Ken runs into the restuarant and they decide that they need to replenish their digimon's strength. Arukenimon and Mummymon come accross a pool filled with the soup, Mummymon takes a slurp of it and the final destiny stone rises out of it. Black Wargreymon and the Digidestined all come to the scene after seeing a bright blue light. Ankylomon and Angemon DNA Digivolve for the first time, into Shakkoumon!

Episode 37: Kyoto Dragon
Black Wargreymon continues to try an destroy the final destiny stone. He tries to use his Terra Destroyer attack but Shakkoumon absorbs the power and attack back at Black Wargreymon. Black Wargreymon is still determined to destroy the Final destiny stone, even if it means his own destruction, he has to find out what his purpose is. The Digidestined try to move the Destiny stone with their d-3's and a light shoots out of the spots where all the Destiny stones and combine together, thus Azulongmon appears. He asks Black Wargreymon why he destroyed the destiny stones, and that because of that the world has become unbalanced. Black Wargreymon leaves because he now knows what his purpose was. Azulongmon plants "seeds of life" where the destiny stones formaly were in hopes to balance the digital world. He tells them that there is an even greater darkness out there.

Episode 38: A Very Digi-Christmas
The digidestined destroy some more Control Spires in the Digital World. Ken hands out a christmas invitation to each of the digidestined, even cody and they all agree to come to his party. For a christmas present for the older Digidestined, the new digidestined bring them their digimon, even to Mimi who's in America!! All the older Digidestined go to Matt's Concert, what they don't know is Arukenimon is outside planting a Control Spire. Dark Tyranomon and Bakemon come out onto the stage in the middle of the concert! Everyone flee's the tent but, outside there are even more Digimon all over the city! Tai calls Ken's house to talk to Kari, and they quickly arrive at the scene. They begin attacking the Digimon and start to send them back to the Digital World. All of the Digimon DNA Digivolve and battle the remaining digimon and send them back to the Digital World as well. Everyone returns home safely, and the next morning on the news it says control spires are appearing everywhere! When Izzy's looking at the computer, there a digiports opening all over the world!

Episode 39: A Dramon Power
There are news reports that there are dark spires all over the world with Digimon near them, including Tamachi. All the digidestined head to Izzy's house, except Davis decides to go to Tamachi where Ken lives. At Izzy's house he's receiving email from kids all over the world, digidestined kids. In Tamachi Triceramon is wreaking havoc. Wormmon can't digivolve because of the Control Spire. Davis comes riding Raidramon and knocks down the control spire. Wormmon and Veemon digivolve, they attempt to destroy Triceramon but that's not enough so they DNA Digivolve into Paildramon. Davis opens the digiport and tries to destroy Paildramon before they can get rid of Triceramon. Back at Izzy's house, Izzy opens the digiport and Gennai comes through but he's a lot younger! Gennai shows them a sphere that Azulongmon gave him and it gives them power so they can digivolve even to ultimate. The power finds it way to Paildramon, and Paildramon digivolves into Imperialdramon! Davis opens the digisport and Imperialdramon puts him back into the digital world. Imperialdramon beams Davis and Ken inside of him, and destroys all the control spires in Japan then travels and puts all the Digimon back into the Digital World. All of the digidestined are beamed up into Imperialdramon, and the journey around the world begins.

Episode 40: Digimon World Tour, Part 1
Imperialdramon drops off the digidestined in different parts of the world, Tai and TK in france, Kari and Izzy in Hong Kong, Sora and Yolei in Russia, Cody and Joe in Australia, Ken and Matt in Mexico, and Micheal and Davis in New York. In New York, Mimi and Palmon head off to meet up with Mimi, and A Gennai look a-like named Benjamin joins them. Veemon digivolves to Ex-veemon, Betamon digivolves into Seadramon and Palmon digivolves into lilymon! They all meet up with the Digidestined of America they send the Digimon back to the digital world through the digiport. In Hong Kong, A Mojyamon is loose and wreaking havoc, so the local digidestined digimon digivolve and attack, Kari and Izzy appear and tell them to stop attacking. Izzy recieves an email from a girl in India who can't cross the India China border because of an army. The Octomon write on the mountain saying that they come in peace, and the Army let's them pass.

Episode 41: Digimon World Tour, Part 2
Cody and Joe are in australia taking down the control spires, when one of Gennai's friends, Hogan comes up dressed as Santa. It the water there's a digidestined boy, named Derek being chased by Gesomon, Shellmon and Beadramon. Ikkakumon and Armadillomon chase the three digimon away by talking about making them into a food. On their way to destroy a control spire, it is guarded by Scorpiomon! Ikkakumon Digivolves to Zudomon, and Armadillomon Armour Digivolves to Submarimon, Crabmon, Derek's Digimon Digivolves to Coelamon! They knock out Scorpiomon and Destroy the control spire, the other digidestined bring them the other digimon and they send them all back to the Digital World. Meanwhile in Paris, Tai and TK are picked up by TK's Grandpa. When they're riding TK's Grandpa's motorcycle on their way to find the Control Spire, TK's Grandpa notices that the Palace of Versalles is lit up and the Gate is open, inside are Mamemon, Bigmamemon and Metalmamemon having a feast. There's also a girl Catherine in their and her digimon Floramon, Agumon and Patamon Digivolve, and battle the three Mamemon outside. Catherine tells them about how they were taken prisoner by the Mamemon. Greymon and Angemon Digivolve to ultimate, and Floramon digivolves into Kiwimon, and they follow the Mamemon to the Control spire and destroy it.

Episode 42: Digimon World Tour, Part 3
The Digimon in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and France were all returned safely to the Digital World by the digidestined. Only Mexico and Russia were left in mexico, Ken and Matt followed some Digimon who had snuck into the Mayan ruins. In the ruins they found a mexican girl, Rosa and her Digimon Gostumon. Straight away the little girl grew a crush on Ken. Wormmon become jealous and very protective of Ken because of that. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Yolei and Sora were in Russia, so they met up with the three local Digidestined trying to comunicate, Yolei came up with the idea of giving commands of Russian foods, one meaning right and the other meaning left.

Episode 43: Invasion of the Daemon Corps.
The digidestined all return to Japan. However, when they get back to Japan Children have mysteriously disappeared from Tokyo one after another. Ken sensed that there was some kind of evil behind the disappearence of the children, it reminded him of his past, that he had almost forgotten. Ken's fears had been answered when evil digimon led by Daemon began to invade the Real World! Ken afraid of the dark powers, teams up with Davis to rescue the people. However, the power of the Dark Digimon is to strong, So not even Imperialdramon can win against them.The other digimon who were no where near as strong enough to defeat the Dark Digimon gave their power to Imperialdramon. Now with more power than before, can Imperialdramon destroy the dark digimon?

Episode 44: Dark Sun, Dark Spore
The Daemon corps suddenly attacked a peaceful town. The fact of Paildramon having killed a digimon, heavily leans on the digidestined chests. In addition to that, Ken has been kidnapped by Arukenimon, who has also kidnapped all the children who were missing in Tokyo. The digidestined chase the car that Ken was taken away in, and they meet up with Joe's brother Jim who gives them a ride. As they approach the closer to the car Ken was taken away in, the Daemon Corps. also after Ken, attack a town without Mercy. Silphymon and Shakkoumon tried to hold off the Daemon Corps to defend the people in the town. However, sensing Yolei and Cody's Doubts, the Daemon corps only increase their violence in the town. Ladydevimon pushed Yolei over the edge, and she exploded with rage and stopped Ladydevimon from hurting an inncent boy, Silphymon had to kill Ladydevimon before she could hurt Yolei. Meanwhile, in Arukenimon's car, Oikawa was there his plan was to take the data of the Dark Spore in Ken's neck and transfer it into all the children Arukenimon had kidnapped.

Episode 45: The Dark Gate
Davis chases the car, where Ken was kidnapped on Raidramon. Arukenimon had already copied the Dark Spore in Ken, and handed him over to the Daemon corps since she was finished with him. Arukenimon then drives away with all the children she had kidnapped. After Arukenimon handed Ken over to the Daemon corps, Davis rescued him. Davis tried his best to fight off the Daemon, Yolei and Cody tried to help as well, but not even Imperialdramon could defeat Daemon. There was only one thing left to do, Seal Daemon in the Dark Ocean so he can never return. Ken tried to open the gate to the darkness to protect the ones he cared for. Can Ken get over his fear of the darkness and open the gate?

Episode 46: Duel of Wargreymon
Ken and Davis's strong wills opened the gate, and Daemon was sealed in the dark ocean for good. The fight for the digidestined was not over yet, the dark spore that had been copied from Ken was transplanted in the kidnapped children. Parents who had changed from worrisim, were pleased when the children returned. Now the children were no longer average children, they were now high IQed geniuses. Davis knowing what will happen if the dark seed's stay inside the children calls each of their houses and speaks to their parents, but the parents won't believe what he says. Agumon contacts the depressed Davis, with surpsining news, Blackwargreymon has returned! Blackwargreymon tries to find oikawa to learn his reason for living. Agumon blocks Oikawa from Blackwargreymon, Oikawa is the only one who knows the secrets about the Dark Seed. A battle has begun, Black Wargreymon vs. Wargreymon!

Episode 47: Black Wargreymon's Destiny
At the end of the fierce fight between Blackwargreymon and Warygreymon with Impieraldramon, Blackwargreymon finally understood what it really meant to fight. He found it not only hurt him, but everyone around him. With his new found knowledge, Blackwargreymon set out once again, back to his mysterious mission.. Meanwhile, Yolei and the others ran after Oikawa, but they lost sight of him. Accidentally releasing thier knowledge on how to remove Oikawa's Dark Seeds, Ken and the other Digidestined frantically try to once again persuade the the affected children to come with them. The children on the other hand were fascinated with the powers the Dark Seeds had given them, and coldly pushed away any attempts of saving them the Digidestined made. Atlast the dark seed began to bloom. Oikawa drained the powers of the Dark Flowers, absorbing them into himself, becoming filled with the evil darkness. What is his "true desire?" And what wil lhe do with the evil power he's recieved? Now Oikawa's dark and mysterious past will soon be revealed.

Episode 48: Oikawa's Shame
Oikawa finally obtains Dark flowers. Blackwargreymon was fatally wounded by the great powers of darkness, but in order to stop Oikawa's plans, with the last of his strength he sealed the gate to the Digital World. Children with dark seeds gather at Highton View Terrace on New Year's Eve. With the power of the dark seeds, Oikawa was about to achieve his long time dream of going to the Digital World. Davis and the others try to get the children back, but the gate that Blackwargreymon had sealed, opened! Oikawa takes the children through the gate, the digidestined following after them. But what waited for them on the other side of the gate was not the Digital World Oikawa had dreamed of, but a world a fear and dispair.

Episode 49: The last Temptation of the Digidestined
At last, the final enemy, Malomyotismon had appeared. The children overwhelemed with fear, froze in their tracks. Only Davis has enough courage to confront Malomyotismon. Davis continues to fight on through this hopeless situation, his strong will gives Ex-veemon power and he begins to damage Malomyotismon. Malomyotismon releases a light which suddenly attacks the children and in their own minds they find themselves in a place with their own hopes and dreams. Will they be able to fight on? A miracle is yet to be seen...

Episode 50: A Million Points Of Light
Davis and the others chased down Malomyotismon, but they chased him into the Digital World where he got even more powerful, by absorbing the Digital world's darkness. He then flooded both the real world and digital world with darkness. They tried to resist, but the dark power was to great for them. Davis refusing to give up, talks about his dreams and goals, the children with dark seeds also talk about their dreams and Malomyotismon weakens. Then the Digital World released it's greatest miracle of all, the determined hearts of the digidestined all over the world released power through their D-3's completely destroying Malomyotismon.
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