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Arena Digi-Battle Card Game
The Arena Digi-Battle Card Game is made up of 4 main phases: Setup, Digivolve, Battle, and Re-Group.

Digi-Battle Rules - Setup
The first part of every Digi-Battle is to set up for your game. You have two options when playing. You can either:
-Take 60 cards (all unique) and spread them out upside down, then you and your opponent take turns drawing cards from the pile until each of you has a 30 card deck.
-Each player plays with preconstructed 30 card decks with all unique cards within their individual decks.
Each player selects a Rookie card from their deck and places it face down on the Duel Zone.
Each player shuffles their remaining 29 cards and deals himself or herself 10, placing the other 19 cards face down in the Online box.
Each player then flips over their Rookie card and you can take this time to compare types (Red, Green, and Yellow) and your cards in your hand to decide on a strategy.
The Red, Green, and Yellow types play a Rock-Paper-Scissors game with each other. In general, Yellow is stronger than Green, Green is stronger than Red, and Red is stronger than Yellow.
To see which Digimon has the advantage, look at your Digimon's attacks. Compare the value of your attack for the type of Digimon your opponent has. Then he or she does the same on theirs. The Digimon with the stronger value has the advantage entering the battle.
When you finish setting up, you are ready to Digivolve!

Digi-Battle Rules - Digivolve
After each player reviews their hands, if they have a card that Digivolves their Digimon to the next level, they may place it face down on the Digivolve Zone. The new next-level card must show the name of the Digimon currently on the Duel Zone in its Digivolve Requirements box, and you must be prepared to fulfill any other requirements stated there.
Flip a coin to see who goes first.
Player who goes first turns over the card on the Digivolve Zone and places it face up on top of the card in their Duel Zone.
Player completes the turn by fulfilling any Digivolve Requirements shown on the next-level card. This could involve moving cards into from Online to Offline, placing a Digivice Power Option in your Power Port or playing 2 lower-level cards instead of 1 in order to DNA Digivolve.
After the first player has finished Digivolving, the second player notes any changes in Digimon Power, and may respond by either:
- Digivolving by process above.
- Deciding not to Digivolve and saying "Pass". If a Player passes, the card in the Digivolve Zone is moved to Offline. "Use it or lose it".
If a player does not have a card in hand to Digivolve, he or she must pass. If both players do not have cards in hand to Digivolve, proceed to the Battle Phase. You may Digivolve only one level per Duel.

Digi-Battle Rules - Battle
Starting with the winner of the coin toss, players take turns playing Power Option cards on the Power Port, one per turn. Each Power Option card has an effect that you can use to try for an advantage over your opponent. Some Power Option cards have Use Requirements attached to their effect. You must complete these Use Requirements as a part of your turn for the effect to come into play. Keep track of how the Digimon power levels change as a result of Power Option cards played.
Continue taking turns until a player runs out of Power Option cards to play, or decides to stop playing them, and says "Pass". The other player may continue to play Power Option cards until he or she runs out of cards or decides to stop.
When the play stops, the Digimon showing the largest power wins the Duel.
Winner scores points based on the Digimon level of the defeated opponent (Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, or Mega) by looking at the Score section of the winning Digimon. The winner adds these points to his or her score card.
Winner keeps all Digimon cards in his or her area, loser removes all but Rookie Digimon from play and moves them to Offline. Both players then move all of their Power Option cards that were played to Offline. Winner goes first in the next duel.
In the event of a tie, no Digimon are moved to Offline. All Power Option cards are moved to Offline and then the player who won the previous Duel or the coin flip goes first in the next Duel.
The first player to score 1000 points wins the game.

Digi-Battle Rules - Re-Group
First, you must restore your hand to 10 cards by drawing from the Online deck. Players may discard as many cards from their remaining hand to Offline as they wish, and draw as many new cards from the Online deck as needed to restore their hand to 10 cards. (This is the only time when you may restore your hand.)
When there are not enough cards remaining in the Online deck to restore your hand to 10 cards, draw down to zero, then send ALL the cards on your side of the board, except the Rookie, Offline. Shuffle them and place them face down Online. You may then draw as many as needed to restore your hand to 10 cards.
Note: If at any time during play the number of your Online cards goes down to zero (either by your action or your opponent's), you must send ALL the cards on your side of the board, except the Rookie, Offline. Then shuffle them and place them face down Online before resuming play.
At this point, players have the option of changing their Rookie (if they have one on the Duel Zone). To set up a change, place the new Rookie face down on top of the old Rookie. If you have a card with the Requirements to Digivolve your new Rookie to the next level, you would use it now by placing it face down on the Digivolve Zone (Both cards will be turned over when it's your turn to Digivolve.)
Players may prepare to Digivolve any Digimon on their Duel Zone by placing the next level card (with the correct Digivolve Requirements) face down on the Digivolve Zone.
Winner of last Duel initiates the new Duel by starting with the Digivolve step. If the last Duel ended in a tie, the player who went first last time initiates the new Duel.
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