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Digimon Movie 8: Digimon X-Evolution

Japanese Release: January 3, 2005
English Release: Not yet released
Length: 77 Minutes

The eighth Digimon movie is out of continuity with the Digimon Anime Series. It was fully made in CGI Animation.

Story: Yggdrasil, the computer that controls the Digital World, decides the current Digimon world is overpopulated and wants to start a new Digital World with only a few chosen Digimon. It has released the X-Virus, a virus that kills any Digimon it gets to that doesn't have the X Antibody. Yggdrasil sends 3 Royal Knights, Omegamon, Dukemon and Magnamon, to execute Project Ark, to kill the Digimon with the X-Antibodies. Omegamon and Magnamon carry out the project out of loyalty to Yggdrasil, but Dukemon isn't sure if what Yggdrasil is doing is right. The Digimon without the X-Antibodies want the X Digimon to keep away from them, because the Royal Knights are hunting the X Digimon down. The movie starts with Leomon chasing the main character, Dorumon, through some woods. Leomon wants to take Dorumon's X-Antibody, but the X-Virus kills him before he can kill Dorumon. Dorumon wanders around, questioning why he is there and why everyone he meets hates him. Meanwhile, WarGreymon X and Andromon are having an argument. Andromon betrays the X Digimon to Omegamon, who kills everyone there except for WarGreymon X and a small Digimon named Tokomon. Dorumon hears the fighting and goes out of his house to see what happened. WarGreymon X tells Dorumon to look after Tokomon and flies off. Omegamon finds that he is still alive, but WarGreymon X escapes. He meets up with MetalGarurumon X in a secret cave. MetalGarurumon X isn't sure if the Royal Knights are evil and wants to find out why they are destroying innocent Digimon. Later that day, Dorumon and Tokomon walk close to a field and see Omegamon killing a herd of Triceramon. Omegamon sees them and Dorumon tries to fight him, but can't do any harm. Omegamon wonders why Dorumon even bothers to try to fight and prepares to kill Dorumon when WarGreymon X and MetalGarurumon X arrive. They fight Omegamon, but cannot defeat him. Omegamon uses his Grey Sword attack, but MetalGarurumon X takes the blow to protect Dorumon and Tokomon. He passes out after giving Tokomon his X-Antibody. Dorumon gets angry at Omegamon and digivolves to Dorugamon. He attacks Omegamon, but still can't harm him. Omegamon is going to kill WarGreymon X and Dorugamon when a lance falls out of the sky. It turns out to be Omegamon's friend Dukemon, who says that what Yggdrasil is doing is wrong. He reveals that even the chosen Digimon will be deleted once Project Ark is completed. He convinces Omegamon to let WarGreymon X and Dorugamon go, but Omegamon decides to fight Dukemon and kills him. The next day, Magnamon arrives at Dorugamon's house and captures Dorugamon. His data is split into 2 parts. One of the parts is sent to a junkyard and the other part is made into Death-X Dorugoramon, who lays Digieggs that hatch into thousands of Death-X Dorugremon. Wizardmon and Mummymon, who are also fighting against the Royal Knights, find Dorugamon under a pile of junk and take him with them. But the Death-X Dorugremon attack Wizardmon and the other X Digimon's hideout. The fully recovered MetalGarurumon arrives to fight them while the X Digimon escape through a cave with a back entrance. Once they get to the back entrance, however, there are more Death-X-Dorugremon there. WarGreymon X arrives with Tokomon to help fight them. Tokomon runs down to Dorugamon, who finally wakes up. He sees the fighting and wants it to stop. Dorugamon yells for the Digimon to stop fighting each other and Digivolves to Dorugremon. He looks almost identical to the Death-X-Dorugremon and helps defeat them. Suddenly, a new flock of Death-X-Dorugremon appears. The X Digimon are losing hope, but Dukemon returns, this time as Dukemon X, saying that he has come back from the Data Space. He tells WarGreymon X and MetalGarurumon to lead the other Digimon away from the Death-X Dorugremon. Dukemon and Dorugremon stay behind to fight. Dorugremon wants to know the reason why he is there and Dukemon tells him to go see Yggdrasil and creates a portal which Dorugremon goes through. He is met by Magnamon and Omegamon, who says that he must defeat him to get to Yggdrasil. Dorugremon doesn't want to fight and just as Omegamon is about to deliver the final blow with his sword, Dorugremon digivolves to Alphamon, the 13th Royal Knight. Omegamon realizes that Yggdrasil is wrong and goes with Alphamon to Yggdrasil. Magnamon doesn't want to believe that Yggdrasil is evil and informs Yggdrasil that Alphamon and Omegamon are coming. The Digital World is starting to be deleted. Alphamon and Omegamon are stopped by Death-X Dorugoramon, but Alphamon beats him. They arrive at Yggdrasil, who is guarded by Death-Xmon. He captures Omegamon and Alphamon isn't able to beat him. Then Aplhamon realizes that he and Death-Xmon are one being and destroys himself, destroying Death-Xmon with him. Omegamon deletes Yggdrasil and the Digital World is restored.
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