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Digimon Movie 5: The Adventurers' Battle

Japanese Release: July 14, 2001
English Release: September, 2005
Length: 50 Minutes

The movie takes place in the middle of Season 3.

Story: Takato goes on a summer vacation to visit his cousin Kai at Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan. Although bored at first, he eventually starts to like his vacation when a Digimon appears in the sea close to Okinawa, chasing a girl named Minami. They save her and later discover that she is the daughter of the creator of V-Pets, a popular computer program. She was separated from her father and her Digimon, Labramon, whose name is Mei. That night, Scorpiomon and Divermon arrive to capture her, but she is almost saved by Shisamon, a mysterious Digimon who comes out of her laptop computer. However, Mantaraymon attacks Shisamon and escapes with Minami. Shisamon, Takato, Guilmon and Kai follow him to rescue her. Meanwhile, the V-Pet program has gone corrupt and is making computer systems malfunction, which causes chaos in Tokyo. Takato & the others find the secret island where Minami is being held hostage. Some Digimon want the vaccine program of the V-Pet, and are holding her hostage so her father would give it to them. Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon and, with Shisamon, defeats them. Meanwhile, Omegamon, a protector of the Digital World, finds Rika, Renamon, Henry and Terriermon and brings them to help him fight against an evil force threatening the human world. Back at the island, Minami's father reveals that Shisamon is the vaccine program that can be used to shut down all the V-Pets if they go corrupt. But the president of the V-Pet company, who has been searching for the vaccine, hears this and reveals who he really is: Mephismon, the Digimon that Omegamon has been trying to destroy. He wants to destroy the human world through the V-Pets he corrupted, and now wants the vaccine program so that he can destroy it. He attacks Shisamon, who is defeated and de-digivolves to Labramon. Kyubimon and Gargomon arrive with Rika and Henry, who were sent here by Omegamon. The Tamers fight Mephismon, but can't defeat him. Mephismon then sends them into a barren world he created, a world he wants the human world to be like. Growlmon finds a way to defeat him, but Minami discovers that Mei was too badly damaged to survive. He dies, activating the vaccine program which deletes the V-Pets and restores the world's computer systems back to normal. As Takato and the others look for a way out of Mephismon's world, Mephismon returns as Galfmon, a Mega level Digimon. Growlmon, Kyubimon and Gargomon can't even damage him, but Culumon arrives and gives them the power to Digivolve to Ultimate level. WarGrowlmon, Taomon and Rapidmon combine into a Trinity Burst, which destroys Galfmon. Mephismon's world disappears and everyone returns to the real world.
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