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Season 1 Episode Guide
Eps guide provided by: Digimon Spirit! (with permission of course) Thx!

Episode 1: And So it Begins
The first episode introduces the seven DigiDestined (known as the Chosen Children in Japan) and their Digimon partners. Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi, and T.K. are at summer camp when they get transport to the Digital World. There they meet Koromon, Tsunomon, Yokomon, Motimon, Bukamon, Tanemon, and Tokomon, their partner Digimon. They also have their first run-in with an enemy digimon, Kuwagamon, and their partner's digivolve to defeat the enemy.Although many small changes were made from the Japanese version, the biggest change in this episode is that the North American version neglects to mention how old the children are. Joe is in sixth grade; Tai, Matt, and Sora are in fifth grade; Mimi and Izzy are in fourth grade; and T.K. is in second grade.

Episode 2: The Birth of Greymon
After their battle with Kuwagamon, the children find themselves on a beach with their newly Digivolved Digimon: Augumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Gomomon, Palmon, and Patamon. Everything seems safe until they' re attacked again, this time by an even stronger enemy, Shellmon, so Tai partner, Augumon, Digivolves once more into Greymon and saves the day.

Episode 3: Garurumon
The Children find a train car by the side of a lake and, tired from walking around the island, decide to sleep there for the night. There's only one problem: The train car is sitting on Seadramon's back. Matt is caught by Seadramon when he tries to help out his little brother, T.K., and Gabumon digivolves to rescue Matt. In the North American version, Matt tells the others that T.K. is his half-brother. In the Japanese version, they were full brothers.

Episode 4: Biyomon Gets Firepower
Emerging from the forest onto a savanna, the children arrive at a Yokomon village. Mount Miharashi, the source of the village' s water, was guarded by Meramon, but an accident occurred and the water dried up. To save Sora and the village from Meramon' s attack, Biyomon digivolves into Birdramon and defeats Meramon. The children discover that Meramon was being controlled by a Black Gear that had fallen from the sky.

Episode 5: Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker
At a factory outside of the savanna the children come across Andromon, who was caught in a machine and unable to move. Even though Andromon is supposedly a good Digimon, he attacks the children. Izzy uses his computer to make Tentomon digivolve onto Kabuterimon and defeat Andromon. It turns out that Andromon was being controlled by a black gear.

Episode 6: Togemon in Toy Town
The Children are attacked by a group of Numemon in an underground passage. The group splits up and runs. Mimi and Palmon are attacked by Monzeamon and get lost in Toy Town. Monzeamon captures the other children and their Digimon. Monzeamon locks the Digimon up in a trunk and erases the children\rquote s emotions. Palmon Digivolves into Togemon and defeats Monzeamon, who was also being controlled by a Black Gear.

Episode 7: Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo
Unable to proceed any further, the children begin to fight among themselves. As the oldest, Joe feels it' s his duty to stop the fighting, so he decides to climb Infinity Mountain and find the source of the Black Gears. There he meets Unimon, another Digimon possessed by a Black Gear. Tai and Sora come looking for Joe and are also attacked by Unimon. Gomomon saves the day by Digivolving into Ikkakumon. The children reach the top Infinity Mountain and find File Island is just a small Island in the middle of a huge ocean.

Episode 8: Evil Shows His Face
The children rest in a house they find, but it turns out to be a trap set by Devimon. Leomon, a good digimon controlled by a Black Gear, and an evil Digimon, Ogremon, attack the children. The Digimon are to weak to fight and so the children and their Digimon are scattered about File Island. File Island breaks apart.

Episode 9: Sub-Zero Ice Punch
Tai and Augumon end up in a frozen wasteland. There they are attacked by Frigimon, who was being controlled by a Black Gear. Once they removed his black gear, Frigimon helps them find Matt and Gabumon, who have landed nearby. Matt and Tai fight about what to do next, but eventually decide to return to Infinity Mountain.

Episode 10: A Clue from the Digi-Past
Mimi and Palmon meet up with Izzy and Tentomon in Dino Ruins. Mimi tries to get Izzy to help her find the others, but he' s so enthralled with the ruins that he doesn't want to leave They are attacked by a Black Gear Digimon, Centaurmon. Once he is returned to normal, he tells them about their Digivices.

Episode 11: The Dancing Digimon
Joe and Gomomon meet up with Sora and Biyomon. They are captured by a group of Bakemon and are about to be sacrificed. With help from Joe, Ikkakumon and Birdramon defeat Bakemon and the children escape. In the Japanese version, Joe chanted Buddhist sutras to weaken the Bakemon.

Episode 12: DigiBaby Boom
T.K. and Patamon are still on Infinity Mountain. There they find Primary Village, where all Digimon are born. Patamon and Elecmon, caretaker of the baby Digimon, get into a fight but eventually make up, and T.K. and Patamon rejoin the others.

Episode 13: The Legend of the DigiDestined
Devimon appears again to the children, this time as a huge version of himself. None of the Digimon is a match for him, so finally Patamon Digivolves into Angemon and is able to defeat Devimon. But Angemon used all his strength in the battle and reverts to an egg. Once Devimon is defeated, a mysterious old man appears.

Episode 14: Departure for a New Continent
The Old man, Gennai, tells the children of Tags and Crests that will inable their Digimon to Digivolve even further. He says they can search for them on the continent of Server. Leomon and the other good Digimon help the children build a raft, and they sail for server-but on the ocean they're swallowed by Whamon. They destroy the Black Gear in Whamon's stomach and he shows them where their Tags are hidden.

Episode 15: The Dark Network of Etemon
Five(5) days after they sail, the children reach Server, where they are attacked by new enemies, Etemon and Gazimon. Their Digimon are no match for Etemon, and the children relize that they need to Digivolve to a higher level to have a chance. Tai finds the crest of Courage.

Episode 16: The Arrival of Skull Greymon
Impatient to have Agumon Digivolve, Tai Forces him to eat and eat. When faced with an enemy Greymon sent by Etemon, Tai forces Agumon to Digivolve. But because Tai had forced Agumon to Digivolve, Agumon Digivolves into Skull Greymon. Just as Skull Greymon is about to turn on the children, he uses up his strength and Devolved into Koromon. Joe finds the Crest of Responibilty.

Episode 17: The Crest of Sincerity
As the group walks through the desert, they find a huge cruise ship. Unfortunately, it's a trap set by Kokatorimon, another of Etemon's henchmen. Kokatorimon captures the boys and their Digimon, but Palmon and Biyomon save the day. Mimi finds the Crest of sincerity.

Episode 18: The Piximon Commeth
Kuwagamon attacks the children, but rembering what happend before, Tai is to scared to have Agumon Digivolve Just in the nick of time they are rescued by Piximon, who takes them to his hideout for training. Matt and Izzy slipped away in the night to look for their Crests and find the Crests of Friendship and Knowledge. Tai and Agumon renew their faith in themselves and Agumon is able to Digivolve again.

Episode 19: The Prisoner of the Pyramid
In the desert, T.K. finds the crest of Hope. The children realize that the Digiworld is inside a computer network. This makes Tai cocky because he thinks, wrongly, that since it's not real he can't be hurt. Datamon kidnaps Sora in his plot for revenge against Etemon. Once Tai realizes that he's not invincible, he hesitates and is unable to save Sora.

Episode 20: The Earthquake of MetalGreymon
Tai saves Sora from Datamon and Sora finds her Crest. Datamon tries to destroy Etemon, but Etemon escapes and attacks the children. Agumon Digivolves into MetalGreymon and defeats Etemon, but he and Tai are swallowed up in a dimensional warp created by the battle.

Episode 21: Home Away from Home
Tai finds himself back in the real world. When he arrives home, he realizes that no time has passed since he has been in the Digiworld. Realizing that the problems in the Digiworld are having an effect on the real world, Tai and Agumon return to the Digiworld.

Episode 22: Forget about it!
When Tai and Agumon return to the Digiworld, they find Tokomon but not T.K. Tokomon tells them what has happened in their absence, including the fact that T.K. has left hum to go off with a strange Digimon named DemiDevimon. Once T.K. realizes that he has been lied to, he joins up with Tai, Agumon and Patamon.

Episode 23: Were Garurumon's Diner
Matt finds Joe and Gomamon being forced to workin a diner. Matt starts working there too, to help Joe, but DemiDevimon's plotting causes Matt to abandon Joe. Tai and T.K. find Matt and they realize what DemiDevimon has been doing. Gabumon Digivolves into WereGarurumon and defeats the owner of the diner. The Children break into two groups to search for the others.

Episode 24: No Questions Please
Izzy and Tentamon are searching for Gennai when they are captured by Vademon. Izzy abandons his curiosity and becomes indifferent to anything that happens. Tentamon becomes so sad he devolves into Motimon; only then does Izzy realize what he's done. Once Izzy gets back his curiosity, his Tag and his Crest, Tentamon is able to evolve into Kabuterimon and defeat Vademon. Gennai gives Izzy the Digimon Analyzer.

Episode 25: Princess Karaoke
Tai and Joe find Mimi in a castle belonging to the Gekomon and the Otamamon. These Digimon want Mimi to sing a song to revive their master, ShogunGekomon, but Mimi acts like a spoiled brat instead. Realizing her selfishness, Mimi revives ShogunGekomon, but he attacks the children instead of thanking them. It takes MetalGreymon's strength to defeat him.

Episode 26: Sora's Crest of Love
All the children are together again, except for Sora. DemiDevimon had convinced her that she was unworthy of the Crest of Love, and so she's reluctant to join the others. When she finally realizes that she is loved and able to love, Biyomon Digivolves into Garudamon.

Episode 27: The Gateway to Home
Gennai once again appears to the children and tells them that Myotismon is planning to invade Earth in search of the eighth DigiDestined. They head to Myotismon's castle and battle DemiDevimon, Gatomon and DeviDramon, but the gate to Earth closes before their eyes.

Episode 28: It's All in the Cards
Gennai tells the children that they must use cards to open the gate to the real world. But there is one card too many, and Gennai does not know which one is the extra one. While fending off attacks from Myotismon's henchmen, Tai manages to get the cards in the right order and opens the gate to the real world. They find themselves back at the camp.

Episode 29: Return to Highton View Terrace
Pretending their Digimon are stuffed animals, the children make their way to Highton View Terrace, where they realize that four years ago they witnessed a battle between two Digimon here. Believing that this is the reason they were chosen as the DigiDestined, they conclude that the eighth child must also have seen the battle.

Episode 30: Almost Home Free
Since the eighth child was not at Highton View Terrace, the children decide he must be in Odaiba, and they try to make their way home. Without thinking, they use all their money on food and are left with no way home. While they try to figure out a way back, Sora's cousin drives by and offers them a ride. But Gesomon attacks them before they get far. Since the battle has already made such a scene, they give up any pretense of hiding their Digimon and use Ikkakumon to give them a ride home.

Episode 31: The Eighth Digivice
The children return to their own homes and, although they realize no time has passed while they were in the DigiWorld, they are very happy to see their families again. Gennai e-mails Izzy and tells him that another Digimon, Raremon, has appeared. Unable to reach anyone else, Izzy and Tentomon set out on their own. While out, Izzy's Digivice starts reacting, and he is convinced that the eighth DigiDestined must live nearby.

Episode 32: Gatomon Comes Calling
Deciding that the eighth child must also have lived in Highton View Terrace, the children get ou their old address books and have Joe call everyone listed to see if anyone has moved. The other children split up and search the city. Back at the Kamiya residence, Gatomon finds Kari, but is unsure whether she is the eighth child.

Episode 33: Out of Town
Matt and T.K. are taking the subway home when T.K. and Patamon get into a fight. Patamon gets off the train and the others follow in search of him. They meet Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two of Myotismon's henchmen who are more interested in having fun than in capturing the DigiDestined. This doesn't sit too well with Myotismon, though, and he sentences them to life in his dungeon. Patamon comes by and, seeing T.K. in danger, digivolves into Angemon. Myotismon escapes and returns to his hideout.

Episode 34: The Eigth Child Revealed
Across the way from Kari's window Gatomon watches, still unable to decide what to do. Wizardmon finds the eighth Digivice and brings it to Gatomon. It jolts her into remembering her past. Realizing that Kari is indeed the eighth child and that she is her Digimon partner, Gatomon heads for Myotismon's hideout to reclaim Kari's lost Crest. Unfortunately, Myotismon realizes he's been betrayed and takes Gatomon hostage.

Episode 35: Flower Power
Seeing on a news broadcast that there is no communication with Odaiba because of the fog, T.K. decides to find Matt. Joe is also trying to get back to Odaiba, and when he meets up with T.K., they use Ikkakumon to get across the bay. Myotismon captures Mimi and her family, and Palmon digivolves into Lillymon to save them from Dark Tyranomon.

Episode 36: City Under Seige
Birdramon takes the injured Lillymon and escapes along with Sora. Tai leaves Kari with Matt and goes to find the hostages. He meets up with Sora and tells her to find Matt and Kari. Meanwhile, T.K. and Joe are attacked by MegaSeadramon. Ikkakumon Digivolves into Zudomon and saves the day. Back in Odaiba, Kari turns herself into Myotismon's henchman, saying she doesn't want anyone else to get hurt because of her.

Episode 37: Wizardmon's Gift
The children all meet up at the TV station, along with Matt's dad. Wizardmon tells them about Kari and Gatomon. With Matt's dad showing them the way, they come to the place where Kari is being held by Myotismon. With her Crest and Digivice finally in hand, Kari is able to make Gatomon digivolve into Angewomon. Angewomon defeats Myotismon, but the mysterious fog remains.

Episode 38: Prophecy
Izzy receives an e-mail from Gennai telling them of an ancient prophecy regarding Myotismon. Believing they had defeated him already, the children give it little thought. But soon things start happening just like the prophecy foretold, and Myotismon is revived as VenomMyotismon. Izzy finds out that VenomMyotismon is at a previously unknown level: Mega. With help from Angemon and Angewomon, Agumon and Gabumon are able to warp-digivolve to Mega too, becoming WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

Episode 39: The Battle For Earth
The other Digimon Digivolve and join the fight against VenomMyotismon. With their combined strength they are finally able to defeat him. Once he's gone the fog clears, but everything is not back to normal. Floating in the sky is a huge landmass, the DigiWorld. Myotismon's prisoners awake and the children are reunited with their parents, but only for a short time. They know they must return to the DigiWorld.

Episode 40: Enter the Dark Masters
Arriving in the DigiWorld, the children look up and realize they can see the real world in the sky, just as they could see the DigiWorld in the sky from Earth. They meet Chuumon, who tells them how the Dark Masters have taken over and rebuilt the DigiWorld with Spiral Mountain as its center. The Dark Masters attack, but the children are saved at the last minute by Piximon, who holds them off while the children make their escape

Episode 41: Seasick and Tired
The children find themselves back on the beach at File Island. They head for a shack on the beach, but Mimi and Joe are separated from the others. The other children are attack by Scorpiomon. The captured children are saved at the last minute by Lillymon and Zudomon, who defeat Scorpiomon. Unfortunately, they still aren't strong enough to stand up to MetalSeadramon, and it looks like they might lose this one.

Episode 42: Under Pressure
The children are saved by Whamon, but MetalSeadramon sends his Divermon to search the ocean for them. Izzy finds out that WarGreymon's weapons are called Dramon Destroyers, meaning they are particularly effective against Dramon-type Digimon like MetalSeadramon. When they finally emerge from the ocean they find MetalSeadramon waiting for them, and WarGreymon battles him.

Episode 43: Playing Games
The children defeat MetalSeadramon and head into the forest. As they get further in, they notice the ground below them has turned into a conveyor belt and is moving forward. Soon, even stranger things start happening. The children begin disappearing one by one until only Matt and T.K. are left. With the others out of the way, Puppetmon kidnaps T.K. and takes him to his mansion. But when Puppetmon isn't looking, T.K. manages to escape and free the others.

Episode 44: Trash Day
Seeing T.K. able to take care of himself, Matt becomes depressed, thinking that his little brother doesn't need him anymore. Matt and Gabumon leave the group to travel on their own. In the forest they meet Cherrymon, who tells them that Matt must defeat his rival, Tai, to become the person he wants to be. Meanwhile, the other children are busy battling Puppetmon's henchmen. Matt and Gabumon return to where the others are and,with Gabumon Digivolved to MetalGarurumon, challenge Tai and Agumon to a duel.

Episode 45: The Ultimate Clash
At first Tai and Agumon don't want to fight, but seeing they have no choice, Augumon Digivolves into WarGreymon. In the middle of the fight, Kari's body is taken over by an unknown presence. This presence speaks to the children, telling them about the DigiWorld and why they were chosen to be the DigiDestined. Tai and Matt make up, but Matt still decides to travel alone. Not wanting to see any more fighting, Mimi stays behind. Joe stays with her to try and convince her to rejoin the group.

Episode 46: Etemon's Comeback Tour
The rest of the children head for Puppetmon's mansion. Mimi and Joe find an unconscious Ogremon who, once he comes to, decides to join them after seeing their kindness in tending to his wounds. Puppetmon attacks them but is distracted by MetalEtemon. The children escape.

Episode 47: Ogremon's Honor
Joe and Mimi meet up with Leomon, who Digivolved into Saber Leomon while they were gone from the DigiWorld. They arrive at the restaurant where Joe and Matt were forced to work. MetalEtemon appears again and battles Leomon. He is defeated, but Leomon is fatally wounded, too. Before he dies, he tells the children that he will be reborn in Primary Village. Meanwhile, the other children were doing their best against Puppetmon, but it looked like a losing battle until MetalGarurumon appeared and defeated the evil Digimon.

Episode 48: My Sister's Keeper
Kari has a relapse of her cold, so Izzy and Tai go out looking for medicine. MachineDramon is able to locate them through Izzy's computer and sends his Metal Empire Army after them. Once Izzy realizes how they are being located, he uses a program that hides their location. Unfortunately, MachineDramon is not easily discouraged and simply begins bombing the whole area. The children fall into a huge pit and are separated.

Episode 49: The Crest of Light
Kari, T.K. and Sora find themselves in a huge sewer and search for the others. But instead of Izzy and Tai, they find WereMonzaemon, who is acting as a slave driver over a bunch of Numemon. Kari and Gatomon free the Numemon while the other Digimon attempt to distract WereMonzaemon. Although they're tired, Kar's light revives them, and they defeat the evil Digimon and continue to search for Tai and Izzy. The children are reunited, but MachineDramon finds them and attacks. Agumon Digivolves into WarGreymon and defeats MachineDramon.

Episode 50: Joe's Battle
After defeating MachineDramon, the children find the castle of the last of the Dark Masters. There they are faced with LadyDevimon, and the Digimon Digivolve one after another. Knowing that all their strength will be needed for the battle with Piedmon, Tai sends Sora and T.K. to search for Matt and the others. Meanwhile, Mimi and Joe arrive at the ruins of Primary Village and are saddened to find many Digimon turned to stone. There they meet Elecmon, who had found Matt's harmonica on the beach. Joe decides to follow Matt and, with Gomamon, sets off across the sea. Back at the castle, LadyDevimon is finally defeated and Piedmon appears.

Episode 51: The Crest of Friendship
Tai and the others finally arrive at Piedmon's castle on top of Spiral Mountain. Meanwhile, Matt and Gabumon are wandering in a dark cave created by the darkness in Matt's heart. But with Gabumon's encouragement, Matt realizes his true feelings and the cave disappears. Matt is reunited with Joe, but as they head for Spiral Mountain they find T.K., who tells them that Sora has fallen into a cave -- the same cave that Matt had been in. When the others persuade her that she doesn't have to be responsible for everything, Sora's negative feelings disappear, and so does the cave. They hurry back to the castle to find an injured Tai and WarGreymon fighting Piedmon. Matt's Crest of Friendship brings them back from the brink of death, and the two Megas attack the enemy.

Episode 52: Piedmon's Last Jest
Just when all the Digimon are attacking, Piedmon brings out a white handkerchief and turns Tai, Matt, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into dolls. The other children run away, but they can't escape Piedmon. One after the other, they are turned into dolls until only T.K. and Kari remain. Just when T.K. is about to give up hope, the doll of Matt which he has been holding encourages him to keep fighting. His Crest of Hope glows and Angemon Digivolves into MagnaAngemon and revives the other children and Digimon. MagnaAngemon defeats Piedmon, but before they can begin celebrating, the children receive an e-mail from Gennai informing them that the Dark Masters were not the true threat to the Digiworld.

Episode 53: The Final Battle
The children fall into an endless world of darkness. All the negative energy coalesces into one being and it comes at them, using the attacks of all the Digimon the children had fought in the past. The Digimon devolve and the children lose their tags and crests. Then, everyone is broken down into data. The children are at a loss, but the Digimon encourage them and they regain hope. Their chests begin to glow with the shapes of their crests and the Digimon Digivolve to their highest forms. Before their eyes is the enemy Digimon.

Episode 54: The End of Summer
It seems they have defeated the evil Digimon, but with his dying breath he threatens to take the whole world with him. Determined not to give up, the children fight on, and their crests seal the enemy, saving the world from destruction. Although the children wish to stay longer in the DigiWorld, Gennai tells them that unless they return home now they will be erased during the reconstruction of the DigiWorld. Saying goodbye to their Digimon, the children return home.
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