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Last Update June 26 11 By KendoGarurumon
Whoa! It's been five years since I last updated this place. To my surprise,
the site still exists and people visit it. Even more surprisingly, there's
a brand new Digimon season out there. To anyone passing by, this site is
a glimpse into the past of the internet..what it used to look like back
in the '04 to '06 era. By the way, the new and improved site hosted at
Cabspace went offline a long time ago...that's part of the reason why
I haven't logged onto this one for so long. So don't mind the link to the
"New" site, this KDD is the only one that remains.

Last Update July 20 06 By KendoGarurumon
This is the last update I'm making on the Tripod version of the site, since the site has officially moved to Cabspace as of today. I'll always have fond memories or Tripod lol, the place the site was hosted for over 3 years. From this day on, KDD is officially located at

Last Update July 3 06 By KendoGarurumon
I'm going on vacation and will be back in a week or so. In a week, the site is officially coming back and moving to the new server. This time I'm serious :D Episode 7 of Savers has been subbed. You can download it here.

Last Update June 8 06 By KendoGarurumon
Don't worry, the site isn't dead!! I was extremely busy this past month, school is ending in a week so I'll have tons of time to work on the site again. :D Just be patient....

Last Update May 6 06 By KendoGarurumon
Sorry for not updating for a really long time, I've been busy in the past 2 weeks. Anyway, I finally uploaded Digimon X-Evolution. You can download it in the Movies & ROMs section. KDD is probably gonna move by the end of May. I have to e-mail the networks we're on and our affiliates about the website change. Also, 3 new episodes of Digimon Savers have been dubbed at With the Will forums. Here are the downloads:
Episode 3     Episode 4     Episode 5

Last Update April 16 06 By KendoGarurumon
I converted the whole site to iFrames! :D You can see the new site here, but it's not officially launched yet. I'll launch it when it's fully ready. It might not look much different, but now updating the sidebars will be WAY easier. Also we changed out TagBoard on the new site to a SayBox, suggested by Yagami (formerly Tai_Agumon). I'm right now in the process of uploading Digimon X-Evolution.

Last Update April 15 06 By KendoGarurumon
The 2nd episode dub of Digimon Savers has been released. You can find it here. Also, I finally uploaded The Adventurers' Battle movie. You can download it here. I found another good host that we'll probably be moving to. I've also found the perfect design solution for KDD: iFrames. They're not as clumsy and messy as basic frames, but they're much easier to make than PHP and don't require PHP support. Right now, I'm converting all of KDD's pages into iFrame format. This will mean that I can update the sidebars quickly and all at one time. Before, when I wanted to add a new affiliate or make another change, I had to update every single page on KDD. Now, updating will be made much easier and faster.

Last Update April 8 06 By KendoGarurumon
Digimon Savers finally came out in Japan! I watched the first episode, and it looks that the storyline is gonna be good, but the character design is undigimon-ish. The characters don't really look the same as they did from the previous seasons. Something weird is that Agumon returned. I don't know why they would make him a lead character in a new season, but oh well, it's good for all you Agumon fans out there. :D Our hosting company removed us so probably what we're gonna do is keep the site at Tripod, but host the MP3 and Picture Archive at a different host. With the Will, a Digimon forum, made an english dub for the first episode of Digimon Savers! You can watch it here.
In other news, as you can see, KDD has over 30,000 hits. In one month we got the same amount of hits we got in 3 years before....just cause I put the counter on every page....All I can say is wow.

Last Update March 29 06 By KendoGarurumon
Moving to a new host is taking longer than I expected, mainly because I discovered that the new host doesn't support PHP, which I was going to make a layout from. I'm probably just gonna use frames, but that will take a while. Also, we might just host our MP3s and Picture Archive on another server, and keep the main site here.

Last Update March 18 06 By KendoGarurumon is KDD's new home. I'll be uploading all the pages in the next week to the new site, and and will be redirected there once the new page is ready. We also have 2 new affiliates, Playing With Fire and Digital Friendship. TDD, one of our affiliates, has shut down their site.

Last Update March 16 06 By KendoGarurumon
I think I've finally found a good host for KDD! We'll be moving to it is the next few days. Http:// and will redirect to the new site and will come to the Tripod site, which will have a link to the new site.

Last Update March 6 06 By KendoGarurumon
KDD is moving to a new host!! I havn't been able to upload the gallery or the MP3 music files because I'm almost out of space on Tripod, which only offers 20 MB space. We're gonna move to a new, better host within a week. I'm looking for a good host right now, but every "perfect" host I've found so far has a catch :(. KDD now has over 20,000 hits! The hits have been going way up since I put the hit counter on every page. We're now in the top 10 Digimon Sites on many topsites! :D

Last Update March 1 06 By KendoGarurumon
I added a countdown to Digimon Savers in the Interactive sidebar and made a staff picture system. The gallery is now fully complete, but I can't upload it yet because I have no space. Tripod gives 20 MB of space to its users, which is turning out to not be enough for KDD. We might move to a new host soon.

Last Update February 26 06 By KendoGarurumon
KDD is 3 years old!!!! I added many new sections for Forest Version 6.0 and put the old updates in an Old Updates section. This page will have 10-15 updates so it won't take as long to load. The chat party was great. It's been 3 whole years....Check the Old Updates section if you want to see what KDD used to look like. I only have the layouts back to Ice Version 3.0. We accomplished a lot of things this year. All the content except for the episode guides has beeen originalized, and we added a lot of multimedia. The Gallery and MP3 archive will be up very soon. Season 5 has been announced and now Digimon is starting to get more popular again. Many new sites are starting. By the way, I finally found the secret to get tons of hits. Most pages have a hit counter on every one of their pages. KDD only had it on this page and the Enter page. Now the Interactive sidebar is on every page in KDD. We're aiming for 50,000 hits, a pretty big number compared to 15,000 right now, for KDD's 4th birthday. Over the next year, KDD will get bigger and better than ever.

Ladt Update February 26 06 By KendoGarurumon
Click here to go to the chat party!!

Last Update February 26 06 By KendoGarurumon
Forest Version 6.0 is coming in a couple of hours! I'm uploading all the new content right now. I haven't been able to upload The Adventurers' Battle yet and Digimon X-Evolution is in the process of being uploaded right now.

Last Update February 25 06 By KendoGarurumon
2 updates in a day :D It's been a long time since the last time that happened. I worked for the whole day today and now everything except a few pictures are finished. I'll be uploading everything tomorrow. Forest Version 6.0 will be unveiled around 2:00 PST.

Last Update February 25 06 By KendoGarurumon
I wasn't able to upload yesterday, but all the sections are now complete except for Digimon Icons and the Picture Archive. The chat party will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time in the KDD Chat

Last Update February 23 06 By KendoGarurumon
We got a No-Hentai button and now every page is complete for the 3-year anniversary except for the Multimedia section! Izzy2004 isn't interested in the site anymore, so he has unfortunately left the KDD Staff. Now it's just me, Tai_Agumon and BcBearz. I don't think I'll be able to put up the 3 first Digimon movies up for download because I can't find them anywhere on the internet. Anyway, they're in English, and you can easily rent them from a store. I'm still looking for a filehosting site that allows file sizes big enough to host the movies I have, 4-8. If you know of a site like that, please post it in the TagBoard or the forums! As usual, KDD is having a Chat Party on its 3-year anniversary. I'll put up the exact time it's gonna be at tomorrow.

Last Update February 21 06 By KendoGarurumon
I put up new KDD-only boards. You can reach them here. We also got some new fanart, drawn by Gary and Louis. The Season 5 section is now up, which you can reach here.

Last Update February 18 06 By KendoGarurumon
I fixed all of the pages up today, fixing spelling errors and stuff like that. The Season 5 Section will probably be made tomorrow or Monday, and the Fanmade section is going to be remade. By the way, we made our goal of 15,000 hits :D

Last Update February 16 06 By KendoGarurumon
The Movies secion is now complete, but the new content won't be visible until Forest Version 6.0. Only 10 days left :D We also have a new affiliate, Azala.

Last Update February 13 06 By KendoGarurumon
The Card Game section is now complete! Some pages have changed in that section, and all the links will be up-to-date when KDD Forest Version 6.0 is here. One of our staff members, Tai_Agumon, aka Yagami, has started his own Digimon site, which KDD is now affiliated with. We're gonna be joining several new topsite lists soon. The movies section will be finished soon and then I'm going to start work on the final sections, Fan Made, Multimedia, and Season 5.

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