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Season 3 (Tamers) Episode Guide
Eps guide provided by: Digimon Spirit! (with permission of course) Thx!
Episodes 49-51 Summaries done by Shaina (

Episode 1: Guilmon Comes Alive
Takato is a fifth grader who is crazy about Digimon received a Mysterious blue card, which has never even been seen before! After slashing the blue card through his card reader he ran off for class. During class, Takato drew a picture of his own digimon Guilmon. When he returned to the playground, his card reader transformed into a digivice before his eyes! When he returned home, he decided to try something and slashed his Guilmon drawing through the digivice, What would happen?

Episode 2: Digimon, Digimon Everywhere
The picture Takato drew of Guilmon had turned into a real digimon! Takato decided to bring Guilmon to his house, and snuck him into his room. That same night, a Digital Fog field appears and Rika goes to battle. The Digimon was Goblimon, after fighting for awhile he digivolved into Fugamon! So, Renamon battled the Digimon. The next day, Takato had to go to school so he left Guilmon in an alley with some food.. but Guilmon got lonely and left the hiding place, What could happen next?

Episode 3: To Fight or Not to Fight

After a sneak attack from Renamon Guilmon tried to fight. His eyes became cold and he wasn't like the Guilmon that was seen before. Luckily before it got to out of hand Terriermon came and stopped the fight. Later that evening Guilmon ran off with the same cold eyes as before. Takato ran after them and they ended up in a parking garage where Renamon and Rika were waiting.

Episode 4: It Came From the Other Side

Takato realized what is bad about Digivolving after Terriermon had Digivolved to Galgomon and went on a rampage. Still, Takato yearned to see what Guilmon digivolved into. The next day, there was a Digital Fog field and Henry tried his best to avoid it, but it was after him so he couldn't escape it! Terriermon and Henry had known Gorillamon before, from when they first met.. But will they be able to defeat him?

Episode 5: Dream a Little Dream

At Takato's school a Digimon had been watching the children play, and dreamed of playing with them. He was also making a mess using the machine to put lines on the playing fields, and going all over the place with it! When Takato had to go to school early to feed the Rabbits Guilmon and him found Calumon hiding. Calumon was a partnerless digimon so Takato and Henry tried to find a partner for him. Another Digital Fog Field appeared, the digimon was a small Digimon, Vilemon. Then, Rika and Renamon arrived at the scene!

Episode 6: O Partner, Where Art Thou?
Another Digital Fog Field appeared, however the Digimon was to strong for Renamon. Rika became irritated and frustrated with Renamon, because even after she had repetitively told Renamon to digivolve, she still didn't. Rika and Renamon wander around the town at night, a mysterious partnerless Digimon is found and talks with Renamon. What will Rika do with out Renamon?

Episode 7: Now you See It, Now you Don't

Takato heads to Rika's house to talk to her, and on his way home Guilmon begins to fade away! Takato panics to get Henry and Rika's help, a Digimon That is born from data returns to date. The Three Tamers go in search of the missing Guilmon, and find him in another demension. Can they save him in time?

Episode 8: A Question of Trust

During Class, Takato draws a picture of what he thinks Guilmon will Digivolve too and names it Growlmon! Takato goes to the park that night and leaves Guilmon some bread, Impmon comes and bums some bread of Guilmon and talks with him. After talking Impmon wanders around and finds a Digital Fog Field with Devidramon trapped inside, after mocking him he accidently opens the fog field and Devidramon is released! When Guilmon goes into battle with Devidramon he Digivolves into Growlmon!

Episode 9: Not as Seen on TV

Guilmon has finally digivolved, but there's one problem, he hasn't reverted to Guilmon! Takato tries many different ways to get Guilmon to revert, but no luck is found. He can't fit Growlmon in his usual hiding place either. When he goes home, Guilmon and Calumon are outside his window. Henry and Takato find a place for Guilmon to hide in some type of Garage, but Impmon comes and chases him out of the hiding place, Where did Guilmon go!

Episode 10: The Icemon Cometh

Rika is troubled by the fact that Guilmon was able to digivolve so easily. She begins to doubt her partnership with Renamon and the two of them split up after Rika yells at Renamon. Rika wanders around puzzled, and see's a Digimon and goes after it. Soon enough, Rika is captured by Icedevimon! Will Takato and Henry Save her?

Episode 11: Much Ado About Musyamon

A Digital Fog appears, and Terriermon wants to fight but Henry won't allow him to. The Digital Field is forceful and Yamaki releases a yuggoth which makes the Digimon in the Fog Fields disappear. Terriermon watches in dissatisfaction. Henry didin't want Terriermon to fight but, Denying Terriermon to fight is denying Terriermon of being a digimon. Once again the Yuggoth appeared! Is Henry Going to let Terriermon fight this time?

Episode 12: Divided They Stand
A Man in Sunglassess waits for Takato and Henry, He had witnessed the fight at the Administration Bureau. He advises Takato and Lee to stop playing dangerously. His words stuck with Takato, giving him an ill-omened premonition. Rika, still trying to sort out her feelings towards Renamon, meets up with her. There is a silence between the two, as Renamon is still trying to prove herself worthy of Rika. Will Rika and Renamon be able to work out their problems? What was Yamaki's intention when he contacted Takato?

Episode 13: Juggernaut

Takato and Guilmon are forced to battle an evil Digimon. It seemed to be the end, and the duo were in reach of victory. Suddenly, a search light shines upon them, and Yamaki appears. A tear-gas bomb is thrust at Takato and the two battling Digimon. Takato is told Guilmon will only become stronger if he Digivolves, but Takato changes his mind and now does not want Guilmon to digivolve.

Episode 14: Grow Mon Grow

A blue whirlpool rises in the night sky, The fate that involves all the Digimon, breaks up the data. This is the doing of Yamaki who considers the Digimon as an enemy. Then something nobody predicted occurs, a huge pillar of light apeared in the vortical center! Yamaki is shaken by the unexpected occurence, then there is another surprise. A huge Digimon falls down to the ground from the sky. Renamon and Terriermon arive and join the fight, but the other Digimon is to strong for them and Guilmon is attacked intensly. Will they be able to defeat the Digimon? When Takato realizes his mission at a Tamer, a new blue card is drawn and leads to another evolution!

Episode 15: Snakes, Trains and Digimon

Takato Henry and Rika decided to for a team, Digimon Tamers. Takato was more enthusiastic then the other two about it. Takato's classmates arrive at Takato's house and they all go to play with Guilmon. When Rika is waiting at the subway station, her D-Power detects a digimon. Seconds later a huge Snake Digimon appears on the tracks of the subway, and it began to destroy the subway which Henry was on, Can Rika and Henry stop the attack? And can Guilmon and Takato get to the fight before it's to late?

Episode 16: Back to Nature, Back to Battle

Takato's class goes on a camping trip, and they sneak Terriermon, Calumon and Guilmon along. While they're playing around near the water, A mysterious Digimon appears. Terriermon and Guilmon must try to defeat the digimon.

Episode 17: Duel with a Deva

While playing the card game with Kenta and his friends, Henry received a health card, He slashed it through his D-power and it became a Blue card. Henry got together with Rika and Takato and they went all around town trying to find the origin of the card. After travelling around 2 Digimon appeared in the real world. These Digimon aren't going to be easy to defeat, Can the blue card help them?

Episode 18: Digital Beauty

Rika's mom takes her to a Photo shoot, and as soon as they begin taking pictures Rika runs out of there as fast as she can. Rika walks around Shinjuku in search of Renamon, but fails. Rika recieves a phone call, and heads out with Takato to find a Digital Fog field, where they find Renamon already fighting the Digimon.

Episode 19: Impmon's Last Stand

Impmon can't understand how Calumon can stand being kind to human's, and while Calumon is being adored by some girls Impmon throws a flame at them and scared them away out of Anger. When Impmon goes into a Digital Fog Field looking for a Digimon to fight, the Digimon in there tells that his Tamer betrayed him, Impmon once had a Digimon Tamer too. Then Renamon and Rika appear, and a huge battle begins, even attracting the attention of the Police. Now Impmon begins to fight with all his energy against the Digimon. What happened to Impmon's Tamer?

Episode 20: Out of the Blue

The new digimon, in the city, storms through the city. The strength of the digimon is too strong for the Tamers causing them to lose all of their cards. All hope lies in Takato's friend, Kazu, who gives Takato one last card: a handmade blue card. This is their last defense. Calumon's red gem begins to glow, Will the blue card help Guilmon Digivolve to defeat the Digimon?

Episode 21: Jeri's Quest

Rika teaches Jeri how the Digimon cards work. When Jeri is playing with Calumon, she is attacked by a Digimon. Leomon appears and saves them, and Jeri is convinced Leomon must be her Digimon Partner! Is Jeri a Digimon Tamer too?

Episode 22: The Boar Wars

An earthquake occurs in West Shinjuku, Guilmon senses a digimon as a Digital fog field rolls in. The Digimon, Vikararamon appears, but Guilmon is no match for the Digimon. Vikararamon destroys all in his path, and Yamaki prepares to activate the Shaggai system. Will they be able to defeat Vikararamon before he destroys everything?

Episode 23: A World Apart

The Shaggai system is activated, and is affecting the digimon, and the Digimon are still battling Vikararamon still unable to defeat him. Takato gives his energy to Guilmon and helps him fight controlling him. During the fight Makuramon kidnaps Calumon, Leomon attacks him but fails and is Injured, then a D-arc appears and Jeri heals him. Will they finally be able to defeat Vikararamon? And what will happen to Calumon!?

Episode 24: The Journey Begins

The Digimon Tamers have decided to go to the Digital World. The Tamers introduce their partners to their families. Guilmon finds the gate to the Digital World by digging in his hiding place. Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta and the Digimon then prepare to leave for the Digital World. What fate awaits them in the Digital World?

Episode 25: Brave New Digital World

They walk through a path leading them into the Digital World, they then plummit to the ground making craters. Once they've been in the Digital World for awhile they travel toward some rock structures thinking they were something else, there they see their first digimon, Meramon. Meramon attacks them, but then stops after realizing they're from the real world. While the Tamers are sleeping the Digimon sense something it's herd of Jagamon! Will they escape the Jagamon without getting hurt? Will they be able to find Calumon?

Episode 26: Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure

Kazu and Kenta had run in front of the Data stream, Rika and Renamon tried to save them, but, they were sucked into the data stream as well. They all end up in a village, seperated from ther others, the wind blows so fiercly they go through the door of a house. Living in the house is an old Digimon couple. Jijimon and Babamon. Kazu and Kenta think that the Digimon may be their partners. Could they be their partners? How will they find the other digidestined?

Episode 27: Motorcycle Madness

Takato, Jeri, Henry and their digimon find themselves at the Chuchidarumon's village. A motorcycle flies through the village crashing into one of the homes, but the motorcycle has no rider. The digidestined go and talk to the Chuchidarumon, and they decide they want to try and help the digimon. Meanwhile Impmon talks to Chatsuramon, who tells him he will help him digivolve if Impmon destroys the tamers. Suddenly the bike attacks the Tamers again! What will happen to the Tamers?

Episode 28: Blame It On Ryo

Rika was thrown through a pillar of light to the place where the gears turn. A clock stands before them. Rika plays with the gears and hands, she accidently touches one of the hands, it starts moving. The clock's seal is broken and a giant digimon appears. Rika and Renamon are losing the battle and Rika responds by evolving Renamon into Kyuubimon, but she is still in danger. A mysterious digimon then appears, with another human. Who is this other human? Will they help Rika?

Episode 29: Goliath

Rika leaves Kazu and Kenta, so they go off to find the other tamers along with Ryo. When they finally meet up with the rest of the Tamers, Ryo takes them to a castle where they can eat and spend them night. Calumon is still wandering around the Digital world looking for the Tamers. Will they be able to meet up with Calumon? And when will Rika return?

Episode 30: The Imperfect Storm

Rika and Renamon are seperated, and Rika becomes trapped in a current. Luckily, Calumon comes to Rika with a vine and helps her. Renamon grabs them and they are suddenly hit by another wave that sweeps them away. They then meet back up with the other digidestined. Kyuubimon recongnizes Beelzemon as a digivolved form of Impmon! Back in the real world Hypnos is being re-launced. Suddenly a storm occurs and Takato, Henry and Terriermon are seperated from the others!

Episode 31: Kazu's Upgrade

Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Jeri and their Digimon run into Andromon, he doesn't attack them but then suddenly another Digimon, Orochimon, appears and attacks. Andromon is injured fighting back, and the Tamers take him to the Gekomon. The Gekomon aren't willing to repair Andromon, so the Tamers take care of him. After he is healed he de-digivolves into Guardromon, Kazu watches over him and takes care of him. The Gekomon give Orochimon Osake so he can stay strong, but Orochimon kidnaps Jeri suddenly! Can they save Jeri? And is Kazu's partner Guardromon?

Episode 32: Shibumi Speaks

Takato and Henry are stuck underwater. The device Yamaki gave Takato is working and he finally replies to the e-mail, Yamaki is with the Tamers parents re-assuring them he's okay when he recieves the e-mail. Takato and Henry, figure out that the water is not really wet, and they can talk and breath under it! They use it as an escape from the place they are in and travel to a building, in the building there is a giant D-arc hanging from the ceiling, there's also a man sitting at the desk, he is Shibumi.

Episode 33: Rabbit Transit

Suzy is bored without Terriermon to play with, so when her father goes home he takes her to the park. While at the park, a digital field opens and sucks Suzy into the Digital World! Suzy meets a large rabbit Digimon, Antylamon. Meanwhile Takato, Henry and Terriermon are flying around inside the giant D-arc, which is an aircraft. Suzy is kidnapped by Makuramon, and Antylamon comes to her rescue, the D-arc ship also crashes down. Could Suzy be the next of the Tamers?

Episode 34: Lionheart

Takato and Henry learn from Lopmon that Calumon is the key to Digivolving, and the Devas were created to capture him. Suddenly Beezlemon appears, ready to attack the Tamers! The other Tamers are transported to the area through a data stream, reunited with Henry, Takato and Terriermon. In an attempt to save Kyubimon from Beezlebemon Leomon is killed! Growlmon isn't strong enough to defeat Beezlemon so Takato forces him to Digivolve. Who will win this fight?

Episode 35: Give a Little Bit

Wargrowlmon evolved to his mega form, Megidramon. Takato's anger over Leomon's death had allowed Wargrowlmon to evolve, but Takato is afraid because his digimon partner will not listen to him. Beezlemon Absorbs Taomon and Rapidmon's power, he is now overwhelmed with all the power he has and knocks out Megidramon. Can Takato make Megidramon listen to him, will they be able to defeat Beezlemon?

Episode 36: The Battle Within

Guilmon is finally able to Digivolve into his true Mega form, Takato and him are unified as Gallantmon. The real battle between Beezlemon and Gallantmon begins! The others watch the two megas battle, they wonder where Takato went, but Kenta tells them Takato is inside Gallantmon! Can Gallantmon destroy Beezlemon?

Episode 37: No Mon is an Island

The Tamers stand outside the sovereign's castle, they're ready to go in to save Calumon. They leave Suzy behind with Kazu, Gaurdromon, Kenta and Jeri. Inside the castle Terriermon digivolves to Rapidmon, but he was injured during the fight with Beezlemon. Will they be able to defeat the Sovereign and save Calumon?

Episode 38: Azulongmon Explains it All

The Sovereign is to powerful for the Digimon to defeat, when it seems they'll never defeat the Sovereign, Azulongmon appears and stops the fight. He tells them about the d-reaper, and that Calumon isn't actually a Digimon and they needed him to defeat the d-reaper.

Episode 39: Song of Sakuyamon

The Tamers are close to the D-Reaper, and they decide they must get Calumon. Rika and Renamon go down to save Calumon, Ryo meets up with the Tamers and follows Rika to make sure she's safe. When Calumon is found, the D-reaper has grown so much it's hard for them to get up. Rika and Renamon bio-merge into Sakuyamon! Can they stop the D-Reaper?

Episode 40: Janyu's Ark

Using his powers, Calumon releases a Shining Digivolution, Digimon all over the Digital World now Digivolve so they can help defeat the D-Reaper. Henry's father has created an Ark which the Tamers can return home in! The Tamers have 40 minutes before the ark arrives, Rika and Renamon go off in search of Impmon, but times running out! Will they be able to make it back in time to go home?

Episode 41: Homeward Bound

The D-arc created by Henry's father finally appears in the Digital World. This is the only way out, and they only have a small ammount of time before it's gone! The Tamers board the D-arc, but Rika and Renamon are not there, Ryo and Cyberdramon go off in search of her. Will Ryo be able to make it back with Rika in time?

Episode 42: Reunion

The Tamers have finally arrived back in the real world safely, but the D-reaper is attacking in Shinjuku! The Hypno's towers have been disolved by the D-reaper! Rika, Henry and Takato are ready to fight it even though their parent's want them to stay away. What will happen with the D-reaper? Is the real world in great danger?

Episode 43: Beezlemon's Big Day

The military is attempting to do something about the d-reaper, but everything they try has no effect. Impmon recieves a letter from his Tamer, but can't read it and goes to find help. Once it is read, when his hope is gone he spots his Tamers Mako and Ai! The D-reaper is growing and beginning to disolve the buildings, and The Tamers decide to do something about it. Can they stop the D-reaper?

Episode 44: The Messenger

The military is still trying to fight the d-reaper, but nothing is happening. The news is now covering the D-Reaper story. Takato sees a girl that look like Jeri, and he thinks it is her. After a big dinner at Rika's house with their parents the Tamers D-powers go off they must go back to the D-reaper. Waiting for them are Alice and Dobermon, Dobermon has come with the power of Bio-merging for the tamers! Now that they will be able to bio-merge can they win?

Episode 45: The D-Reaper's Disguise

Now that the Tamers have the power to Bio-merge, they begin to attack the D-reaper! With the tamers attacking the D-Reaper at mega level it seems like they are defeating the D-reaper until it traps Gallantmon! How can they save Gallantmon? Isn't Mega strong enough to defeat the d-reaper?

Episode 46: When is a Mon Justimon

A Mega digimon, Justimon appears on the top of a building ready to help the tamers and Rika realizes that it's Ryo and Cyberdramon bio-merged. Inside the D-reaper Takato thinks he hears Jeri, but what he doesn't know it's really the clone of Jeri. Then Takato is attacked by the D-reapers Agent! Can Takato get out of there?

Episode 47: His Kingdom for a Horse
Jeri is replaying the death or her Mother and Leomon inside her head. Yamaki and his crew start to design a new more powerful D-Arc, which could help destroy the D-Reaper. Meanwhile, Jeri is still trapped inside the D-reaper with Calumon, Her father is trying to fight the D-reaper to free her but he can do nothing. Atlast the D-Arc is complete and ready to enter the Real World, will it be able to help defeat the D-Reaper for once?

Episode 48: Shadow of the Beast King
Beezlemon is inside the D-Reaper trying to Free himself so that he can help Jeri, He's realized what he's done by killing Leomon and now wants to make up for it. The D-reaper is growing larger, and the Tamers are ready to attack again with Gallantmon riding on the new D-arc. Beezlemon finally gets free, and with the help of Gallantmon, and the power of Leomon he breaks the wall around Jeri, But he must hurry to get her out before the hole closes up!

Episode 49: D-Reaper’s Feast

As Beelzemon tries to save Jeri, the D-Reaper attacks him and he falls back as his data breaks apart. It looks like he is a goner, but at the last minute, Grani saves him. The tamers are forced to leave the battle while the military drops probes into the D-Reaper. Jeri realizes too late that she missed her chance to escape the D-Reaper through Beelzemon. Will Jeri ever make it out?

Episode 50: Jeri Fights Back
The tamers have left their parents to go fight the final battle with the D-Reaper. They all meet outside the chaos and use the red card that Shibumi made. It allows them to go into the D-Reaper without getting hurt. Once inside the D-Reaper, and biomerged into their mega forms, the team heads toward the core, but are attacked by the D-Reaper’s minions. All the while, Jeri and Calumon are trapped inside the “kernel”, but now Jeri is fighting back. Grani gets thrown away from Gallantmon, and while the others stay and fight the D-Reaper, Gallantmon goes ahead to try and save Jeri. Will he be able to rescue her in time?

Episode 51: Such Sweet Sorrow

Now as Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Takato and Guilmon continue on to rescue Jeri. Meanwhile, the others are having a hard time defeating the D-Reaper, so Ryo comes up with a plan. Sakuyamon sends all of her power into Justimon’s blade so that they can destroy the monster. It appears to work in the beginning, but the monster soon comes back. Jeri and Calumon break open the “kernel”, but they are still trapped inside it. Gallantmon tries to get to them, but the D-Reaper won’t let him. Just as things are looking their worst, Henry’s dad and the other monster makers reveal their plan to finally defeat the D-Reaper. Will the plan be successful? Will Takato finally save Jeri and Calumon? What will happen if they beat the D-Reaper?
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