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Old Updates
Last Update February 25 06 By KendoGarurumon
2 updates in a day :D It's been a long time since the last time that happened. I worked for the whole day today and now everything except a few pictures are finished. I'll be uploading everything tomorrow. Forest Version 6.0 will be unveiled around 2:00 PST.

Last Update February 25 06 By KendoGarurumon
I wasn't able to upload yesterday, but all the sections are now complete except for Digimon Icons and the Picture Archive. The chat party will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time in the KDD Chat

Last Update February 23 06 By KendoGarurumon
We got a No-Hentai button and now every page is complete for the 3-year anniversary except for the Multimedia section! Izzy2004 isn't interested in the site anymore, so he has unfortunately left the KDD Staff. Now it's just me, Tai_Agumon and BcBearz. I don't think I'll be able to put up the 3 first Digimon movies up for download because I can't find them anywhere on the internet. Anyway, they're in English, and you can easily rent them from a store. I'm still looking for a filehosting site that allows file sizes big enough to host the movies I have, 4-8. If you know of a site like that, please post it in the TagBoard or the forums! As usual, KDD is having a Chat Party on its 3-year anniversary. I'll put up the exact time it's gonna be at tomorrow.

Last Update February 21 06 By KendoGarurumon
I put up new KDD-only boards. You can reach them here. We also got some new fanart, drawn by Gary and Louis. The Season 5 section is now up, which you can reach here.

Last Update February 18 06 By KendoGarurumon
I fixed all of the pages up today, fixing spelling errors and stuff like that. The Season 5 Section will probably be made tomorrow or Monday, and the Fanmade section is going to be remade. By the way, we made our goal of 15,000 hits :D

Last Update February 16 06 By KendoGarurumon
The Movies secion is now complete, but the new content won't be visible until Forest Version 6.0. Only 10 days left :D We also have a new affiliate, Azala.

Last Update February 13 06 By KendoGarurumon
The Card Game section is now complete! Some pages have changed in that section, and all the links will be up-to-date when KDD Forest Version 6.0 is here. One of our staff members, Tai_Agumon, aka Yagami, has started his own Digimon site, which KDD is now affiliated with. We're gonna be joining several new topsite lists soon. The movies section will be finished soon and then I'm going to start work on the final sections, Fan Made, Multimedia, and Season 5.

Last Update February 8 06 By KendoGarurumon
Only 18 days left until KDD's 3rd birthday! I'll try to upload all the Digimon movies soon. A brand new section is coming for Season 5. What we know so far is: Agumon will return as a partner of one of the new Digi-Destined. There are also 2 other characters with the Digimon Gaomon and Raramon. You can see pics of the characters here.

Last Update January 29 06 By KendoGarurumon
There's one month left until KDD's third birthday and we have almost 14,000 hits! We'll accomplish our goal of 15,000 hits if we get 1,000 hits within a month. Megaupload deleted some of the Digimon Movies I hosted for inactivity, but I put them back on. The new links are here: Diablomon Strikes Back Runaway Digimon Express Revival Of The Ancient Digimon Now, for the biggest news of all: The Digimon Anime is back!! SEASON 5 WILL BE MADE!!!! So far, the not-finalized title is Digimon Savers. I'll have more info on that soon.

Last Update January 22 06 By KendoGarurumon
Tripod is having problems, and because of that, I couldn't get a lot of stuff done recently. The Seasons sections are finally complete, except for one page. Also, I uploaded 2 new movies.
Apocalymon Strikes Back
Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Last Update January 8 06 By KendoGarurumon
I'm back after a long time. The seasons sections will be complete within a week and the next KDD version is complete! I'll leave it as a surprise until KDD's third birthday, which is in less than 2 months. Also, KDD joined the Ryux Network Top 50.

Last Update December 25 05 By KendoGarurumon
Merry Christmas to everyone :D We have over 12500 hits! The Digimon World Tour section has been changed to Digi-Eggs. I made the layout for the new version, and it's gonna be a lil bit different from the style of layouts KDD has used so far. It'll be unveiled on KDD's 3rd birthday. The tagbox is being flooded by automated bots bosting ads :( I would remove them, but I forgot the password to the Tagboard. I might get a new one soon.

Last Update December 18 05 By KendoGarurumon
I made a few minor upgrades to some pages today. The Seasons sections will soon be fully completed and new content put up.

Last Update December 10 05 By KendoGarurumon
The poll is over! Forest Version won, so I guess it will be Forest Version. But 3 people also wanted a mixture of the four options, so there will probably be some elements of ocean, light, dark and fire, suggested by a visitor. Tai_Agumon also made a new banner for Version 6.0.

Last Update December 7 05 By KendoGarurumon
I completed the Season 4 Episode Guide and all of Season 1. I'll get two new movies up soon.

Last Update December 4 05 By KendoGarurumon
The voting will end next Friday, December 9th. I completed the Games section, inculding the Digivices, and cleaned up the Episode Guides. I also added Digimon Lovers as an affiliate. I wanted to put up the movies for download and found Megaupload, which lets you host a file up to 250 megs in size. I'll be able to upload at least 3 of the 5 japanese Digimon movies up. These ones have subtitles so you know what's going on lol Here's the first movie I uploaded - Runaway Digimon Express

Last Update December 1 05 By KendoGarurumon
There's 1 more week to vote on what you want the next version to be, and then I'm gonna start making KDD Version 6.0, which will be unveiled on KDD's 3rd birthday. We have 2 new affiliates - World Of Digimon and Digital Monsters RPG. But here's the main reason I made this update. I have bad news for all Digimon fans. The new Digimon movie, Digital Monsters X-Evolution, now has a big chance of not being translated and brought to Canada and the US. I watched a subtitled Japanese version of the movie and saw that it wasn't that great of a movie, but still, a lot of people were looking forward to it. I'll update here as soon as I have more info about that. KDD might even put up the movie for download, but not directly on this site.

Last Update November 25 05 By KendoGarurumon
I got back to work on the site, preparing for our 3rd birthday. The Contact KDD & About KDD sections have been fused into one. Also, the D-Tector Card Game Rules are coming soon. After scanning through the site, I realized that a lot of the pages weren't very clear. The writing is hard to read in pages like the episode guides and the new card game rules. I'm gonna fix all that by putting extra lines to make the pages more readable and much better looking. There have been rumors going around that today is Digimon's 10th anniversary, but actually that date is June 26, 2007. On that day it will be exactly 10 years since the release of the original Digivice toy, which started Digimon. Below is a Digi-egg that will hatch on December 1st, added by Tai_Agumon:
This egg hatches on December 1, 2005! Adopt one today!

Last Update November 20 05 By KendoGarurumon
Unfortunately I was away from the site for a long time. But now I'm back. I just realized that we have original Digi-Battle and new Digimon Card Game sections, but not a section for the D-Tector card game, so I'll add that soon.

Last Update November 5 05 By KendoGarurumon
In the next week or two I'll be adding a lot of multimedia. We might even host clips of episodes on a site like MegaUpload or something. It's only 2 months until 2005 is over. And KDD's 3rd birthday is is only 4 months.

Last Update October 21 05 By Tai_Agumon
If you really like digimon then you should join DigimonLovers! The URL is : At the bottom of DigimonLovers email me at the address that says subscribe. I will then send you an invite. Some of the people who join might become moderators.:)

Last Update October 20 05 By KendoGarurumon
Tai_Agumon has joined the KDD Team! Me and him updated the games section and he's gonna write some more game descriptions. The teachers where I'm from are having a strike, so I have no school right now :D

Last Update October 18 05 By KendoGarurumon
We're getting a new staff member! Also, we have 10,000 hits! Finally...when I made this site, I had no idea it would become this popular! Thanks to all of you, it has. The new boards were officially launched today. Join them Here.

Last Update October 12 05 By BcBearz
Kendogarurumons internet is down, so he hasn't
been able to update lately. We're working on a
new version 6.0 of KDD. I put up a poll for
visitors to choose what it should be.

Last Update September 8 05 By Kendogarurumon
The new ( PoeNet boards are up!
These ones WILL be glitch-free and won't delete
themselves randomly. So come join them in the
Boards page. KDD's new hits goal for
its 3rd birthday is 15,000. I think
we can accomplish that....This week I'll make a
major update to the Multimedia section.

Last Update August 18 05 By Kendogarurumon
8000 hits....1000 in less than a month! KDD
is definitely becoming popular. I updated
some games sections and added a few more
sounds. Enjoy!

Last Update July 29 05 By Kendogarurumon
7000 hits! :D So we did get 7000 by KDD's 3rd
birthday. Now we're working on making the
Games section better and adding a lot more
multimedia. And KDD might get a new version
soon. I'm gonna put up a poll for the version.

Last Update July 6 05 By BcBearz
6000 hits...yeah we're definitely gonna make
7000 by our 3rd bithday. Probably even 10,000
or more, thanks to our great affiliates!

Last Update July 1 05 By Kendogarurumon
Today's Canada Day......Fireworks :D I went on
the site and it said the bandwidth was exceeded.
It still worked perfectly well though...for most
people. I got a lot of emails from people not
being able no visit parts of the site. I think
this is some kind of error in Tripod. I might
be switching hosts if it keeps on going. It seems
ok right now. The DigiDex is finally complete!

Last Update June 17 05 By Kendogarurumon
The chat party was good....we had final exams
today. PoeNet is being renewed. And Bomberman
is finally back!! They fixed it. Play it Here

Last Update June 7 05 By Kendogarurumon
The chat party is gonna be held this Saturday.
So be there at 2:00 Pm PST. We got 5000 hits!
800 hits in May.... it just keeps going up. I
checked my site stats and saw that just in
this past week, the whole site got 11,000 hits.
But the counter only counts hits for this page,
so we only got 5,000 so far. If I recorded the
whole site's hits, it would have around 800,000
by now lol. I'm adding new boards this week.

Last Update May 21 05 By BcBearz
I added my own semimonthly page. It's very
different from the other ones so far. Goron
Planet, a site on PoeNet, is having a chat
party soon. KDD might have one at 5000 hits.

Last Update May 4 05 By Kendogarurumon
We got over 4000 hits! It's 4100 by now.
That's over 500 in a month! It keeps getting
bigger and bigger :D We're going for 7000
by KDD's 3rd birthday. I'll update the
semimonthly page sometime in the next few days.

Last Update April 20 05 By Kendogarurumon
We got a new affiliate, Finest Dreams. Check
them out in the Affiliates section. I also
updated the digidex. We're trying to finish it
by June. The PoeNet Boards are back up, but
everything on them got deleted! So we're finding
new, more reliable boards. The ones up right now
are temporary. boards suck.

Last Update March 30 05 By Kendogarurumon
We got 3500 hits! Thats 400 hits in a month,
KDD's biggest monthly total ever! The new
PoeNet boards are were making
them more popular. If you're reading this,
come join the PoeNet boards!

Last Update March 24 05 By BcBearz
No one's updated for a I will.
The digidex is a little bit better now, and
I added some new Games info. Our
address wasn't working before, but now it works
again. I put a new PoeNet link up.

Last Update March 7 05 By BcBearz
The chat party was a success! About 15 people
showed up. The new boards are up and I'm upgrading
the digidex. Check out our new boards!

Last Update March 5 05 By Kendogarurumon
I put the new chat and boards up. The chat party
is tomorrow, so be at our chat at 2:30 PST.

Last Update March 4 05 By Kendogarurumon
I fixed a glitch and put up the new banner. The
new chat and boards will be up tomorrow. The chat
party is gonna be on Sunday! Be at our KDD chat at
2:30 PST. It doesn't work yet, but the new KDD chat
will. The Digi-dex is being constantly upgraded.

Last Update February 26 05 By Kendogarurumon
KDD is 2!!!! I put up Plasma version and I'll change
the banner to the Plasma Version banner soon. I
added an About KDD page with past layouts and
KDD's history. I found some new boards! They
will be up in soon. The chat party is going
to be next weekend, either Saturday or Sunday,
at 2:00 PST. I'll update which day exactly.
So, this site is finally 2 years old. I looked
back at my backup files and I can't believe
how far this site came, from being tiny,
with little info and no multimedia, to what
it is right now! I received quite a few
congratulations emails. Thanks goes to the
people who sent them and our visitors
overall, for helping us achieve 3000 hits!
Our next goal is to get 7000 hits within the
next year. Some people say Digimon is dying
but I think it's still alive and the new
movie (and it airing on ABC) will make it
more popular again. Check back this week
for the update on when the chat party will be!

Last Update February 25 05 By BcBearz
Almost everything's ready! The upgrade will
happen sometime tomorrow, probably around
2:00 PST. Kendogarurumon will update then
and say when the chat party will be!

Last Update February 22 05 By BcBearz
With 4 days left, we're working intensely
to finish the pics before KDD's 2nd birthday.
I made and put up the season 1 characters
today. I also improved the Digidex. On the
26th, we will launch Plasma Version and
have a chat party. I'll update the exact
time on the day. BTW, we got 3000 hits!!
So we did accomplish our goal... next goal
is 7000+ hits before Kdd's 3rd birthday!

Last Update February 8 05 By Kendogarurumon
I haven't updated for a while...but when I
came back I noticed we have almost 3000
hits! I'm starting work on the Digidex
again and the pictures should be up by
tomorrow. The MiniBoards are shut off, but
I'm searching for new ones. The new
Digimon Movie should come out soon. More
info will be in the new section soon.

Last Update January 12 05 By Kendogarurumon
I'm gonna put up the pictures...and then,
on Feb 28th, Plasma Version 5.0 will come.
Right now I'm working on promoting this
site and make it more popular. We're #1
on PoeNet! I knew we would get to #1 someday!

Last Update January 6 05 By Kendogarurumon
I put up a new monthly quest and got some
D-Tector codes in the Digivices section.
We're almost at 2500 hits, but I look at
other Digimon sites and wonder: how did
they get so many hits?? Maybe they've
been around longer, but still, some have
10,000+ hits. One I went to even had a
million! What's the secret? I'm trying
to find out...and I will, sooner or later.

Last Update January 1 05 By Kendogarurumon
Back after a long time...and it's a new
year! There's 2 months left until KDD's
2nd birthday, and I will be working hard
to upgrade some sections and make them
better. By the way, tell people you know
about this site. Because we need a lot
of visitors in the next 2 months to
achieve our goal of 3000 hits by the
time KDD turns two.

Last Update December 7 04 By Kendogarurumon
I'm back...after a while. I'll be putting
the digivices section up and adding the
pictures. KDD's second birthday is in 3
months. I think we're gonna get 3000 hits
by then! And Plasma Version 5.0 will come!

Last Update November 26 04 By Kendogarurumon
Finally, I finished the originalization!
From now on officially, all the content on
this site (Except Fanfics, Fanart, News, and
Eps. Guides) are the property of KDD and
can't be stolen or used on any other site
unless you ask me first. I will usually
say yes but for some things I worked really
hard on, I won't let anyone use on their
site. Now I'm going to try to get the
pics up and add more digivice content.

Last Update November 25 04 By Kendogarurumon
I finally got around to originalizing the
Enemies and seasonal sections. I also have
some new fanfics up. We're falling on the
Digimon topsite lists, I don't know why.
But, we're getting more hits than we used
to. We got 200 hits in 3 weeks. If we
continue like this, we'll definately
have 3000+ hits by KDD's second birthday.

Last Update November 23 04 By Kendogarurumon
I updated the site, fixed some errors, and
added some stuff. I've been spelling
affiliates wrong all this time! I'm still
trying to originalize the Characters and
Enemies. I'll probably finish by the end
this week.

Last Update November 20 04 By Kendogarurumon
More good news! All 59 pages of KDD are now
fully indexed on Google! We're back! Also,
this site helped Goron Planet get back on
google because the downloadable games are
part of that site. FoxZap and Starlightnv
are, for some reason, still not on. The
tagboard has been weird and non-working in
past while. Now it works, but it still
glitches sometimes. I'm going to originalize
some of the sections now and put pics up, so
at the end of this week hopefully all of
thatshould be up. Then I'll add more content
to the sections that need it, and at KDD's
2nd bithday (Feb 26th), I'll launch Plasma
Version 5.0!

Last Update November 17 04 By Kendogarurumon
Yes! KDD is finally back on google! And I
submitted it to the Open Directory Project,
so we should be on a lot of search engines
soon. The other PoeNet sites haven't had any
luck yet, though. They were submitted too,
but I don't know if the search engines will
find them. Hopefully they will..........

Last Update November 11 04 By Kendogarurumon
All the sections are back and fully linked!
I'm gonna work on getting more content up,
completing the Digidex, putting pictures up,
and originalizing the Characters and Enemies
sections now. BTW, we have 2000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna hold a chat party soon. We're aiming
for 3000 hits by our 2nd birthday (less than 4
months). This might seem like a lot, but with
our new affilates (and we're getting new ones
all the time) I think we can pull it off.

Last Update November 10 04 By Kendogarurumon
KDD is back fully online! I'll be back with a
full update in the morning!

Last Update November 10 04 By Kendogarurumon
All the links are broken right now! Don't worry
Kdd is going through a major transition stage
right now. Everything should be fixed and up in
about an hour. I'll update as soon as that happens.

Last Update November 9 04 By Kendogarurumon
YES! Finally all the new sections are up! Some
don't have a lot of info, but that'll change
soon. I started the Digidex and also I got some
new sections up. In the next few days, I'll be
re-writing the Characters and Enemies sections
will be written by me. Then, the whole site
will be original (except the Ep.Guides, but
I can't re-write those). I think that in about
a week from now, all the new stuff of KDD
will be fully up. After that, I'm going to
add the pictures. And once that's done, I'm
going to upgrade to Plasma Version 5.0!
Check out the new poll about the new movie.

Last Update November 8 04 By Kendogarurumon
I made all of the pages, but all the info isn't
up yet. Hopefully, I'll have some Fan Fics and
Fan Art tomorrow. I asked the writers and artists
for permission. The site is really screwed up
right now, with tons of broken links (none on
this page though) but I will fix that really
soon. The new version of KDD is coming!

Last Update November 7 04 By Kendogarurumon
I added all of the Movies, Multimedia and Card
game sections! Whew! Only Games and Fanmade to go.
I'm gonna try to get more affilates for KDD.
Meanwhile, we dropped off Google! Why!????
Hopefully, we'll be back soon....

Last Update November 5 04 By Kendogarurumon
I made the Digimon: The Movie section. Also I'm
going to add a card game section. The pics might
not come until after Christmas, but that's OK.
I'm going to work on this site a lot in the next
while, so that it becomes one of the best Digimon
sites on the Net!

Last Update October 29 04 By Kendogarurumon
I put up links to all the new sections that are
coming soon. Now I'm gonna put them up. I'll start
with the movies, which should be up by the end of
the next week. Halloween is almost here! And so is
the end of Poe 2. It'll be a while before that
really finishes. I put up a new page, KDD Progress.

Last Update October 28 04 By Kendogarurumon
I put up all the seasonal sections. Now I'm working
on getting Multimedia, game info, and movie info.
That should all be complete before Christmas.
After that, I'll make a section for Fanmade Stuff
and put up pictures on the whole site. The new
Digimon Movie will come out next year! More on that
in my next update!

Last Update October 26 04 By Kendogarurumon
Just updating to tell where this site is going in
the next while....I'm going to add the seasonal
sectionsin the next week or two. After that, I'll
make a Movies section with info about the Digimon
Movies, a Games section with info and strategy
guides about the Digimon Games forthe different
game consoles, a Digivice section with info
about the different digivices, and a Multimedia
section with Digimon downloads and other cool stuff.
That should all be complete by the new year, and in
2005 the KDD Staff will work on getting the whole site
some pictures. After that, KDD should be just about
complete, unless (hopefully) Season 5 comes out.
But I'll never leave this site, and will keep updating
and adding little bits to it.

Last Update October 26 04 By Kendogarurumon
I've just realised how far this site has gone from
being a tiny site with barely any info and around
10-20 hits to this big site, with over 1500 hits!
And that couldn't have happened without you. So thanks
for visiting KDD and making it more popular!
Bomberman is finally back online, after a few months
of not working. The new version is strange though.
I got some new sections of the site up.

Last Update October 24 04 By Kendogarurumon
I'm back...and putting up the new sections that
BcBearz made. What Emily said was true though lol me
and BcBearz are the only ones who did anything. That
should change soon though cuz Turkey Lord is working
on a new banner. The official Digimon List is up! It's
in the main section.

Last Update October 19 04 By BcBearz
I made new sections for each of the seasons. They don't
work yet though. But at the end of this week they should all
be up. The Digimon List will be up too.

Last Update October 16 04 By CrunchBunny
Hey I'm a new staff member and I'll be helping with the
pics. Also Turkey Lord (lol) joined and he'll help with
the image design. The new banner is up! It's not as
good-looking as the old one, but maybe Turkey Lord will
fix that.....

Last Update October 15 04 By Iconiz
My first update! Yay...I don't really know what to talk
about lol....Ok so the pictures should be up soon along
with the new bannner! Scmpoe is back! Download it at the
Cool Stuff page.

Last Update October 7 04 By Izzy2004
Kendogarurumon will be away for a week or two and I'm
in charge until then! What I'm gonna do is promote the
Poe Network more so it and the sites that are on it get
more recognition. You might think the site is going
down but it isn't!!!

Last Update October 1 04 By BcBearz
Summer's almost over....that's seems like two
weeks ago it started. I'm gonna enjoy my last week of summer!

Last Update September 29 04 By Kendogarurumon
For some reason, people don't believe I made this
site. So this update will prove it to them.

Last Update September 27 04 By BcBearz
Yes! Finally, Google did their monthly crawl. We
are ranked higher....I think. I got some Digimon News
in the news section. PoeNet FoxProject will start soon.
We are actually going to make a network like the internet.
We don't know how yet, but we're sure we will. I'm
working with Izzy2004 to get pictures on this site.
Soon every staff member will have their own avatar.

Last Update September 24 04 By Kendogarurumon
Long weekend! The first one this year. I got a lot more
quest info. The boards might take a while, and so might
the pics. But they will day.....

Last Update September 23 04 By Kendogarurumon
MaNa has joined the KDD team! We have a real site team
now! We're patiently waiting for Google's next webcrawl.
After it, we're bound to have a higher rank at Google
for Digimon and KDD searches. I've provdided more info
on the Monthly Quest. The Boards and new Chat will be
here soon. And hopefully, the banners WILL be changed..
One bad thing about KDD right now is that is has barely
any pictures. Well that's gonna change soon! Izzy and
BcBearz are teaming up to get KDD more pictures.

Last Update September 22 04 By Kendogarurumon
The TagBoard is such a big success!!!!! So much people
are posting! I guess they didn't want to use the boards
or guestbook because they take a longer time. So, the
two new staff members will (hopefully) help this site
grow! Unlike Izzy....-_- Just kidding Izzy has helped
quite a lot with getting the pictures for the enemies.
Soon we might have a new member, MaNa, who will be a
graphic designer. Finally, we might have some new
banners! Iconiz, our newest member, is a HTML designer
and BcBearz is an info/content finder like Izzy. They
are going to update too. By the way, today at 6:00 PM
Pacific Time is the site launch of Starlight! Ali Baba 8
is the owner of that new site.

Last Update September 21 04 By Kendogarurumon
We have two new staff members: BcBearz and Iconiz!
Darkwind Version 4.0 is now fully up! And I've
changed the titles to make this site rank higher on
Google in certain searches. I'll add an update center
and the "Cool Stuff" section has miscellanious downloads
like Scmpoe. Glad to see so many people are using the
TagBoard! I guess KDD is sorta popular after all!
Did the new layout make it more popular? It might have
cuz I got 3 staff requests in 2 days.

Last Update September 20 04 By Kendogarurumon
2 Updates a day....I must be getting really involved
with this site. That's a good thing right? Anyway,
the chat party was a success. A lot of people came
and it was good. I should hold chat parties more often.
The new sections I was talking about are up. Soon KDD
will fully be in Night- (or Dark-) wind Version 4.0!
There's still a few things from Ice Version like the
banner. Ok. This is the main reason I posted this topic.
KDD is now officially on a mission to get popularity.
Our main goal is to be in the top 5 on google in a
search for Digimon. And of course, for KDD too.
Yeah, we're gonna be major. And the Poe Network will
help us do that.

Last Update September 20 04 By Kendogarurumon
Sorry! Chat is delayed by 2 hours today because of
a dentist appointment I have!! Come back at 6:00
Pacific Standard Time. The chat is up!! It's hosted
by a site called Positivedeism. Soon we'll get our
own chat again! Topsite Link

Last Update September 19 04 By Kendogarurumon
The TagBoard is here! I think my last update is
the longest update in KDD's history! I just realised
the banner says Ice Version 3.0. I'll change it.
The Board is on the right.

Last Update September 19 04 By Kendogarurumon
The boards will remain, but also new boards will
be added. A lot of new things are coming to KDD,
including weekly adventure, a TagBoard, and a Digimon
news section. Something I've asked myself a lot in
the past while is: Is KDD the only Digimon Site
remaining. It can't be, because even today I still
saw a few Digimon Sites when I browsed the Web,
but not a lot. All the old sites, like The Digimon
Experience are gone. The only major sites left I
know of are LELOLA, Digimon Spirit and Digimon
Himitsu. There are a few small sites, Like Digibros,
but no others show up on Google until you go down
a long way. Because of that, I'm starting the
DigiNetwork, a network for all Digimon Site Owners
to join. KDD will also host the KDD Digimon Top 20.
I'm trying to get more affilates for us. Everyone
seems to think Digimon is dead, and stops updating
their sites. That happened to KDD once, but it won't
again. I don't know how, but KDD's rank on Google
is gonna improve until it's on the first page if
you search for digimon. Tomorrow is the chat party
by the way! 4:00 Pacific Time! Don't worry, I'll fix
the chat before then!

Last Update September 17 04 By Kendogarurumon
Finally! Nightwind Version 4.0 is up! Click Here
to see the old layout, Ice Version. I fixed the boards.
Now, instead of ad-driven EZBoards KDD now uses the
less good-looking but simpler CJB boards. Also, we
got the redirection Http:// !
Enemies for all seasons are up, and there's a link
to my other site, Goron Planet's downloadable games.
There's a few more online games up too. The chat is
in progress, but will return back to the old one
soon. We're trying to reach 2,000 visitors by Feb 25,
KDD's 2nd birthday. Monday September 20th, is
another chat party! This one is at 4:00 Pacific
Standard Time again. See ya there!

Last Update September 16 04 By Kendogarurumon
I've made Darkwind Version! It's gonna be released
in a few days. When it comes, KDD is going to be
bigger and better than ever!! Finally an enemies
section, new boards, the old chat restored, and a
lot of games, both online and downloadable!!

Last Update September 14 04 By Kendogarurumon
K. I'm gonna try to get the enemies section up soon,
and also put up Lava Mode, Wind Mode, or Lightning
Mode 4.0. Can't choose which one to use....what do you
think? Vote at the brand new poll to the right. I'm going
to put this site on a network with my other sites,
Goron Planet and FoxZap. Don't worry, this site
will stillbe about Digimon, and now it will be about other
things as well! If that attracts anyone wanting to join,
just email me Here. And we're gonna have
another chat party, this time on the
original chat. Check back or email me for info!

Last Update August 13 04 By Kendogarurumon
Don't forget!! It's on right now!!!! Don't click
on the chat link to the left, click on this one.

Last Update August 11 04 By Kendogarurumon
The chat party is going to be on Saturday August 14
on the chat right here at KDD! Chat Don't forget
to come here and go to the chat on Saturday! If the chat room
is barely full when we start the party then we will go
to another very popular chat room! We will start at 2:00
PST, Pacific Standard Time. Remember, be here then!

Last Update July 26 04 By Kendogarurumon
Scmpoe can't be downloaded anymore on the site :(
That will be fixed soon, though. Also, the first game
I ever made, Poe Adventure 1.0, will be hosted on the
site. We're not sure when the chat party will be held,
but we know for sure that it WILL be held. Keep checking

Last Update July 23 04 By Kendogarurumon
I decided to change my name back to Kendogarurumon...
for the sake of Digimon. Anyway, Inferno isn't going
to be part of the site anymore, but Izzy remains with
us, and we are recruiting people. Our site will never
go down! From today on, we are resuming work on the site.
A new layout is coming to make it better than ever!
Also, we've reached over 1,000 visitors! We shall soon
have an online party on our chat to celebrate KDD's 1K+
visitor record and its 1st anniversary. Check back often
for updates!

Last Update July 8 04 By Icedragon
Ok....... I've been away for almost a year lol....
But...I'm reviving KDD as of tomorrow! Cya then!

Last Update September 2 03 By Icedragon
I've been away for a few days, and when I came
back, I noticed that... KDD has 500 hits!!!
Thanks to everyone for that. School started
today :( ..... Inferno is back, and will be
putting up Fire Version 4.0 soon. Fire Version
will probably stay for quite a long time.....

Last Update August 26 03 By Icedragon
Haven't been on for a long time! The site
now has two affilates and the new, more
popular boards are coming. I'm going to add
an "Enemies" section for each of the seasons.
Mailing by clicking on the name and icons
will soon be available for this page, and Izzy's
working on the picture archives. Fire Version 4.0
will be here in about a month...but does Ice look cool?
Vote on the new poll. (The old poll's still there too.)

Last Update August 20 03 By Izzy2000
KDD now has a banner! :) I put up that and an affilate
button. I just got NetStudios and am not that good
with it, so if there's anyone who has Paint Shop Pro
and is good at designing banners and buttons,
plz email Icedragon

Last Update August 19 03 By Icedragon
Ice Version is up! :D I added a guestbook too.
The whole site has a different look and feel now....
I'll be putting up the affilates section soon. The
chat now goes to a popular chat room and the boards will
soon be different too.

Last Update August 18 03 By Icedragon
Ice Version 3.0 is half up.... It'll be fully up tomorrow.
Izzy's working on pics, so we'll have that soon and we're
also affilating with some popular Digimon sites. The site
will also have a new name and probably a new website address so I'll post it here if there's going to be one. We're going to upgrade the chat and boards too.

Last Update August 14 03 By Icedragon
I added the Scmpoe page and now you can play Bomberman
Online Multiplayer at KDD! Click on the Bomberman link.
I'm thinking of adding a multipayer game
center, but after all, it's a digimon site, not a
games site. For my mini-games site visit IceFox's Site.
Aqua Version 2.4 is up, and I'm affilating
with other digimon sites to make this place more popular.
Ice Version 3.0 is almost here! We still need staff, so email scmpoe@lycos.comto join the KDD Team! These yellow links on light blue look ugly, so I'll try to put on Ice Version as fast as I can!

Last Update August 8 03 By Izzy2000
:D Hi all :D We've put up Aqua Mode 2.2.
Instead of that ugly dark green, now
it looks better. IceDragon is going to
put up a Scmpoe page! :D Scmpoe Rules!
:):):):):) I got some images 4 the
site, so soon there will
be a lot more pics here and it'll look
way better! By the way, if anyone can
design a banner for our site, it'll
be really cool! Scmpoe Rules! Bye!

Last Update August 8 03 By IceDragon
We got a new staff member! Izzy2000 has joined the
KDD Team. I added a hit counter and a poll
but I'm not perfect with HTML,so the poll
turned up at the bottom of the page. I'll
get Inferno to fix it as soon as he comes back.
I changed the mode to Aqua Version 2.0
but it seems to load slow, so maybe I'll
change the background pic.

Last Update August 7 03 By IceDragon
No, don't worry, I didn't forget about this site and
am still maintaining it. I added a few pages today
and I changed my nickname from KendoGarurumon.
By the way, I forgot to tell you, we have a
new member: InfernoGuilmon! We need more staff
though! I'm going to change the mode to
V2.0 Aqua Mode! Also I'm going to add a poll.
The URL no longer works :(

Last Update May 27 03 By InfernoGuilmon
Sorry for being away! KDD has a new name now,,
and I have added(finally) the Season 4 Eps!

Last Update Mar.10 03 By KendoGarurumon
Sorry for the lack of updates. I was sick
for over a week so I couldn't update :(
The pages are all fixed and the really
...finally...up! In the next few days I'll be
adding more games. Characters, Spirits and the
04 Episode Guide are a close second.

Last Update Mar.01 03 By KendoGarurumon
I added a LOT of pages :) Including a chat. But
that's not all...I'll be putting up way more!
Also, I am thinking of starting a Digidex.
I'll put a weekly poll on this page too.
By the way, anyone want to help me with
the site? I'm not so good with HTML, so I
need someone to help me on that.

Last Update Feb.28 03 By KendoGarurumon
I added a game :D that I call Neemon Basketball!
Why Neemon? Because he looks like a rabbit, and
you can choose a rabbit in the game...
I also found that the "staff" link doesn't work.
I'll fix it...
Neemon Basketball

Last Update Feb. 26 03 By KendoGarurumon
Well the Site Has been renewed! :D Its
still not much but in the next few days
the other pages will be up :) Just be

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