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Site Updates
Last Update September 16 04 By Kendogarurumon
I've made Darkwind Version! It's gonna be released
in a few days. When it comes, KDD is going to be
bigger and better than ever!! Finally an enemies
section, new boards, the old chat restored, and a
lot of games, both online and downloadable!!

Last Update September 14 04 By Kendogarurumon
K. I'm gonna try to get the enemies section up soon,
and also put up Lava Mode, Wind Mode, or Lightning
Mode 4.0. Can't choose which one to use....what do you
think? Vote at the brand new poll to the right. I'm going
to put this site on a network with my other sites,
Goron Planet and FoxZap. Don't worry, this site
will still be about Digimon, and now it will be about other
things as well! If that attracts anyone wanting to join,
just email me Here. And we're gonna have
another chat party, this time on the
original chat. Check back or email me for info!

Last Update August 13 04 By Kendogarurumon
Don't forget!! It's on right now!!!! Don't click
on the chat link to the left, click on this one.

Last Update August 11 04 By Kendogarurumon
The chat party is going to be on Saturday August 14
on the chat right here at KDD! Chat Don't forget
to come here and go to the chat on Saturday! If the chat room
is barely full when we start the party then we will go
to another very popular chat room! We will start at 2:00
PST, Pacific Standard Time. Remember, be here then!

Last Update July 26 04 By Kendogarurumon
Scmpoe can't be downloaded anymore on the site :(
That will be fixed soon, though. Also, the first game
I ever made, Poe Adventure 1.0, will be hosted on the
site. We're not sure when the chat party will be held,
but we know for sure that it WILL be held. Keep checking

Last Update July 23 04 By Kendogarurumon
I decided to change my name back to Kendogarurumon...
for the sake of Digimon. Anyway, Inferno isn't going
to be part of the site anymore, but Izzy remains with
us, and we are recruiting people. Our site will never
go down! From today on, we are resuming work on the site.
A new layout is coming to make it better than ever!
Also, we've reached over 1,000 visitors! We shall soon
have an online party on our chat to celebrate KDD's 1K+
visitor record and its 1st anniversary. Check back often
for updates!

Last Update July 8 04 By Icedragon
Ok....... I've been away for almost a year lol....
But...I'm reviving KDD as of tomorrow! Cya then!

Last Update September 2 03 By Icedragon
I've been away for a few days, and when I came
back, I noticed that... KDD has 500 hits!!!
Thanks to everyone for that. School started
today :( ..... Inferno is back, and will be
putting up Fire Version 4.0 soon. Fire Version
will probably stay for quite a long time.....

Last Update August 26 03 By Icedragon
Haven't been on for a long time! The site
now has two affilates and the new, more
popular boards are coming. I'm going to add
an "Enemies" section for each of the seasons.
Mailing by clicking on the name and icons
will soon be available for this page, and Izzy's
working on the picture archives. Fire Version 4.0
will be here in about a month...but does Ice look cool?
Vote on the new poll. (The old poll's still there too.)

Last Update August 20 03 By Izzy2000
KDD now has a banner! :) I put up that and an affilate
button. I just got NetStudios and am not that good
with it, so if there's anyone who has Paint Shop Pro
and is good at designing banners and buttons,
plz email Icedragon

Last Update August 19 03 By Icedragon
Ice Version is up! :D I added a guestbook too.
The whole site has a different look and feel now....
I'll be putting up the affilates section soon. The
chat now goes to a popular chat room and the boards will
soon be different too.

Last Update August 18 03 By Icedragon
Ice Version 3.0 is half up.... It'll be fully up tomorrow.
Izzy's working on pics, so we'll have that soon and we're
also affilating with some popular Digimon sites. The site
will also have a new name and probably a new website address so I'll post it here if there's going to be one. We're going to upgrade the chat and boards too.

Last Update August 14 03 By Icedragon
I added the Scmpoe page and now you can play Bomberman
Online Multiplayer at KDD! Click on the Bomberman link.
I'm thinking of adding a multipayer game
center, but after all, it's a digimon site, not a
games site. For my mini-games site visit IceFox's Site.
Aqua Version 2.4 is up, and I'm affilating
with other digimon sites to make this place more popular.
Ice Version 3.0 is almost here! We still need staff, so email scmpoe@lycos.comto join the KDD Team! These yellow links on light blue look ugly, so I'll try to put on Ice Version as fast as I can!

Last Update August 8 03 By Izzy2000
:D Hi all :D We've put up Aqua Mode 2.2.
Instead of that ugly dark green, now
it looks better. IceDragon is going to
put up a Scmpoe page! :D Scmpoe Rules!
:):):):):) I got some images 4 the
site, so soon there will
be a lot more pics here and it'll look
way better! By the way, if anyone can
design a banner for our site, it'll
be really cool! Scmpoe Rules! Bye!

Last Update August 8 03 By IceDragon
We got a new staff member! Izzy2000 has joined the
KDD Team. I added a hit counter and a poll
but I'm not perfect with HTML,so the poll
turned up at the bottom of the page. I'll
get Inferno to fix it as soon as he comes back.
I changed the mode to Aqua Version 2.0
but it seems to load slow, so maybe I'll
change the background pic.

Last Update August 7 03 By IceDragon
No, don't worry, I didn't forget about this site and
am still maintaining it. I added a few pages today
and I changed my nickname from KendoGarurumon.
By the way, I forgot to tell you, we have a
new member: InfernoGuilmon! We need more staff
though! I'm going to change the mode to
V2.0 Aqua Mode! Also I'm going to add a poll.
The URL no longer works :(

Last Update May 27 03 By InfernoGuilmon
Sorry for being away! KDD has a new name now,,
and I have added(finally) the Season 4 Eps!

Last Update Mar.10 03 By KendoGarurumon
Sorry for the lack of updates. I was sick
for over a week so I couldn't update :(
The pages are all fixed and the really
...finally...up! In the next few days I'll be
adding more games. Characters, Spirits and the
04 Episode Guide are a close second.

Last Update Mar.01 03 By KendoGarurumon
I added a LOT of pages :) Including a chat. But
that's not all...I'll be putting up way more!
Also, I am thinking of starting a Digidex.
I'll put a weekly poll on this page too.
By the way, anyone want to help me with
the site? I'm not so good with HTML, so I
need someone to help me on that.

Last Update Feb.28 03 By KendoGarurumon
I added a game :D that I call Neemon Basketball!
Why Neemon? Because he looks like a rabbit, and
you can choose a rabbit in the game...
I also found that the "staff" link doesn't work.
I'll fix it...
Neemon Basketball

Last Update Feb. 26 03 By KendoGarurumon
Well the Site Has been renewed! :D Its
still not much but in the next few days
the other pages will be up :) Just be

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