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May/June 2005: Beat contest!
By Bcbearz: We're having a beat contest. This has nothing at all to do with Digimon. Just make a beat and send it to The best beat receives a prize!
Beats so far:
Ice Beat - by Da Orange

January/February 2005: Who were the original Digidestined?
Ill have info up soon. E-mail any info you have to .

November/December 2004: Who is Daemon, and what does he have to do with Dragomon and the Dark Ocean?

So far, the info...
In the original, the Dark World is the Dark Area, which is more or less the digital afterlife for evil Digimon. There are more references to it in the original, but they didn't show it again. The only really notable part was that in the original, Demon/Daemon knew Dagomon and recognized the sea.

Ppl on the Digimon Board's Opinions:
Daemon was sent to the Dark Ocean, however the Scubamon were to do with Dagomon/Dragomon, who was the Dark Undersea Master. Nothing to do with Daemon, I think.
It was not so much a plot-hole but a plot canyon. The fact that they dedicated an episode to the 'Undersea Master' and then never mentioned it again is stupid. I was watching new episodes of 02 wondering if we found out who the Undersea Master was in the next one, but it never came.
Maybe Daemon was regrouping in the Dark World and just didn't get in on time before the end of the season? The makers probably wanted us all to assume that Daemon would attack after the season ended, causing speculation on forums like these and maybe at the time they planned a movie on it, but it just never came about.
The theme of balance was explained in an episode. If there was too much light or too much darkness, the balance would be upset and crazy things would start to happen, like rifts opening up between parallel dimensions. If they destroyed Daemon, I think it would do more harm than good.
Light can't live without darkness and darkness can't live without light. It's like the old phrase: Can't live with them, can't live without them.

September/October 2004: Who's Milleniumon?
I used to know, but I forgot. Is he someone to do
with Ryo's mysterious past? Anyway, e-mail anything
you know to

So far, our info....

Season 2 , Episode 23 Genesis of Evil...... There is some connection between Ryo, Ken and Milleniumon.
Maybe that's why Ken was driven to make Chimeramon....
Thanks to for the info below...
When Ken was younger and first became a digi-destined he was seen with another boy in the episode "Genesis of Evil". His name is Ryo (*Who is also a tamer in the 3rd season*). It is said that they battled a mega digimon called Milleniumon who let out his "Dark seeds". Ken saved Ryo from them and one planted itself in Ken's neck...Ryo simply disappeared after that. It is said that the two of them saw the online battle between Omegamon and Diaboramon so that's probably how both of them were chosen as Digi-destineds.
Thanks to for the info below.
5.3 WHERE DID THE DARK SPORES COME FROM, AND WHY DID DAEMON WANT THEM? The Dark Spores emerged from Milleniumon after he was defeated by Ken and Ryo. In 2.43, "Invasion of the Daemon Corps," Ken dreams of his time in the DigiWorld, and Milleniumon is seen collapsing and deleting in front of him and Ryo (see Question 5.5). Then, from the spot where Milleniumon lay, four small glowing purple spheres become visible - they are hard to spot, because there is dust, sand and dirt filling up the screen, but if you look closely, you will see them.
Some have theorised that Ken may have created Kimeramon as result of subconscious urgings from the Spore, as Millenniummon is formed from a combination of a Kimeramon and a Machinedramon. This is purely conjecture.
Confusion over this issue mainly tends to arise because of some things said by Oikawa in the dub, which make it sound as if he created the Dark Spores, though he never actually SAYS it.
As for Daemon, it seems logical that he simply wanted the Spores for the same reason Myotismon did - to make himself more powerful.

5.5: WHO IS RYO? Ryo is the star of the Digimon video games for the Wonderswan system in Japan. He makes tiny cameos in "Digimon: The Movie" and season two of the series, and is a major character in the third season, but how do they all tie together? Ryo first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." He can be seen on a laptop, on a hillside, when "Here We Go" plays. He next appears in 2.23, "Genesis of Evil," in Ken's flashback to his time in the DigiWorld. Ryo is the boy wearing purple in the flashback. His other appearance is in 2.43, "Invasion of the Daemon Corps," in another of Ken's flashbacks. In this flashback, we see the evil Digimon, Millenniummon, collapse and delete, as Ryo and Ken watch. Then, the Dark Spores appear and Ken pushes Ryo out of their way. Ryo then appears in season three as the "legendary Tamer," but no questions are raised about him, because he's not enigmatic like he is in his Ken-flashback appearances. As far as the anime goes, that it's for Ryo - no explanation is offered as to how he got from one reality to the next, or even if they're the same guy, and not other-dimensional versions of each other. But the video games expand greatly upon his story. There are a few continuity glitches between the games and the anime that may or may not mean they are not strictly in continuity with each other, but they cannot be ignored as being part of Ryo's greater story. Ryo first appears in "Cathode/Anode Tamer" ("Cathode" and "Anode" were differet incarnations of the same game - think Pokemon Red and Blue). In that game, he teams up with Tai's Agumon to rescue the original DigiDestined from the clutches of Millenniummon, an evil Digimon created through the fusion of a Machinedramon and a Kimeramon, who has created a time warp that has rebirthed serveral of the original DD's old enemies. The next game was "Tag Tamers," the most important game as far as season two is concerned. It sees Ryo team up with Davis's Veemon and the young Ken to battle Millenniummon once again. The villain is defeated, but before Ryo seals his leftover darkness in a crystal, he releases the Dark Spores. A Spore heads for Ryo, but Ken jumps in front of it, and it infects him. As you can see, it was these events that were used to create backstory for Ken in the anime, but some things in it contradict what we see in the anime, specifically that in the game, Ken and Ryo watch the Diaboromon battle on Ryo's home computer, while in the movie, Ryo was out on a mountain. Next came "D-1 Tamers," where Ryo fought in a tournament against many other DigiDestined, and defeated them all. It was revealed that that tournament had been orchestrated by the Harmonious Ones (or the Digimon Sovereign, if you prefer) to train Ryo, in preparation for the return of Millenniummon. Millenniummon did indeed return, now in the form of Moon=Millenniummon, and, after a battle with Ryo, tore open a portal in time, and hurled himself and Ryo across history. In the next game, "Brave Tamer," Ryo awakens in the Digital World's ancient past, having lost his memories. There, he meets Monodramon, who takes him to ENIAC, the world's first computer. ENIAC reveals that there are many Digital World realities, which all grew out of him, and that Millenniummon - now in the form of ZeedMillenniummon - has conquered the future, and is setting his sights on the past. ENIAC gives Ryo the power to hop through space and time, in an effort to stop ZeedMillenniummon's plans, and, after several adventures in the different continuites, Ryo confronts ZeedMillenniummon, only for the villain to reveal that he is actually Ryo's true partner - but their partnership is now impossible with Monodramon in the way. Monodramon forces a DNA Digivolution between himself and Millenniummon, and they merge together into a Digi-Egg. Ryo decides to stay in the Tamers world. The continuity glitch here is that Ryo is shown to have parents in the Tamers world - but it's not beyond the realm of possibility to just assume he brought them there later on. An issue of V-Jump magazine had a question posed by a reader, asking if the Ryo in D1-Tamers and the Ryo in Tamers are the same person. The answer was a positive one, citing "Brave Tamer"'s story as an explanation, sidestepping the continuity problems posed.

There used to be a shrine called To Bring Back Yesterday,
but it's gone now.
I'll get some pictures soon too.