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Tamers Characters
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Japanese Name: Matsuda Takato
Dubbed Name: Takato Matsuki
Japanese Voice Actor: Tsumura Makoto
English Voice Actor: Brian Beacock
Age/School: 10/West Shinjuku Elementary
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother and Father
D-arc (D-power) Color: Red Red (Later Ultimate D-arc-Gold)
Digimon Partner:Guilmon
Profile: Takato's Digimon adventure started after he was playing the Digi-Battle Card
Game. He dropped his Box Of cards and saw a blue card, which he had never seen before
so he slashed it through his card reader. When he got in trouble for being late to
school, he drew a picture of Guilmon in the hallway. After school he went to get his
cards, when he opened the box his card reader was glowing and then it turned into a D-
Power. When he went home that night he tried to slash the picture and info through
his D-Power, after they were scanned through the D-Power a Digi-egg appeared on the D-
power Screen! Takato followed the Arrow on the D-power after the Digi-egg hatched and
found his Digimon Partner! Takato's the new Goggle boy, he's a big fan of the Digi-
battle Card Game which he plays with his Friends At School. Takato isn't quite as
mature as Ruki or Lee, but he's very kind and gentle.

Japanese Name: Makino Ruki
Dubbed Name: Rika Nonaka
Japanese Voice Actor: Orikasa Fumiko
English Voice Actor: Melissa Fahn
Age/School: 10/Kagurazaka Girls Academy
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother and Grandmother
D-arc (D-power) Color: Blue
Digimon Partner:Renamon
Profile: Ruki met Renamon after coming home from a win at a Digimon Card Game
Tournament. In her room a light came out of her Card Reader and three glowing screens
appeared, inside the screens were shadowed Digimon. After shouting at the Digimon to
go away, Renamon appeared on the screen shadowed aswell, then all the screens
disappeared. Mixed with Ruki's other cards was a Blue Card which she slashed through
her card reader and it turned into a D-Power. She closed her eyes holding the D-Power
to her chest, and when she opened them Renamon was in Front of her. Ruki has a bit of
an Attitude, and first thinks Digimon are only there for fighting. Ruki is a champion
at the Digi-battle Card Game, and has won many tournaments.

Japanese Name: Lee Jenrya
Dubbed Name: Henry Wong
Japanese Voice Actor: Yamaguchi Mayumi
English Voice Actor: Dave Wittenbery
Age/School: 10/West Shinjuku Elementary
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother, Father, Older Sister, Brother and Little Sister Shiuchon
D-arc (D-power) Color: Green
Digimon Partner:Terriermon
Profile: Lee got Terriermon when his Father brought home a Digimon game from America.
When he installed it on his computer, he chose Terriermon. All of a sudden on the
game, Gorillamon began to attack the Digimon. Lee slashes some cards to power up
Terriermon, then he Digivolved into Galgomon and attacked everything in site. Lee
talks to his father, who says the Digimon are just Data and not real. When he returns
to his room one of his cards turns into a Blue Card, and he slashes it through his
card reader, and it turns into a D-arc. Then Terriermon comes out of the Computer
screen, into Lee's Arms. Lee's very mature, and does not like Terriermon to
Digivolve. His father is Chinese, and his Mother is Japanese, They're farely wealthy
and live in a huge Apartment. Lee's first name is Jenrya but his friends call him Lee.

Japanese Name: Katou Juri
Dubbed Name: Jeri Katou
Japanese Voice Actor: Asada Youko
English Voice Actor: Bridgette Hoffman
Age/School: 10/West Shinjuku Elementary
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother (?), Father, and Little Brother
D-arc (D-power) Color: Yellow
Digimon Partner: Leomon
Profile: Juri met Leomon when she was playing with Culumon and a wild Digimon
appeared, and chased Juri and Culumon planning to attack them, then Leomon appeared
on a rainbow. She knew right away that he was her partner, she spent the whole day
chasing him telling him she was his Digimon Tamer Partner, but he didn't believe her
and hid from her. By the end of the day she felt like she had made a huge mistake and
that he really wasn't her partner after all. Until the fight with Vikararamon, after
the fight, Culumon was kidnapped by Makuramon, and Leomon appears and tries to save
Culumon but fails and gets injured, then a glowing figure appears in Juri's hand and
turns into a D-arc, she then becomes Leomon's Digimon Tamer. Juri has a dog sock
puppet that she carries pretty much everywhere, She goes to school with Takato and he
has a crush on her.

Japanese Name: Shiota Hirokazu
Dubbed Name: Kazu Shiota
Japanese Voice Actor: unknown
English Voice Actor: Brad MacDonald
Age/School: 10/West Shinjuku Elementary
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother and Father
D-arc (D-power) Color: Orange
Digimon Partner: Guardromon
Profile: Hirokazu met Andromon in the Digital World. After they were attacked by a
Digimon, Hirokazu helps heal Andromon by pouring O-sake on his wounds, and healing
them. He then de-digivolves into Guardromon. After helping the Gekomon, a D-arc glows
and floats down towards Hirokazu. Hirokazu is Takato and Kenta's best friend, he goes
to school with them and plays the Digi-battle card game.

Japanese Name: Lee Shiuchon
Dubbed Name: Suzie Wong
Japanese Voice Actor: Ai Nagano
English Voice Actor: Peggy O'neal
Age/School: 7/West Shinjuku Elementary
Family: Mother, Father, Older Sister, Brother and Older Brother Jenrya
D-arc (D-power) Color: Pink
Digimon Partner:Lopmon
Profile: Shiuchon has played with Terriermon ever since Lee got him, but she finally
gets her own Digimon. While playing at the park she was transported into the Digital
World, there she met a rabbit-like digimon, Antiramon. When Makuramon tried to kidnap
her, Antiramon came to her rescue and fought Makuramon! After the fight a D-arc
descended from the sky, and Antiramon de-digivolved into Lopmon. Shiuchon is a very
cheery little girl. Before she became a Tamer, she used to dress up Terriermon and
play with him a lot not realizing he was actually a Digimon.

Japanese Name: Akiyama Ryo
Dubbed Name: Ryo Akiyama
Japanese Voice Actor: Kanemaru Junichi
English Voice Actor: Steve Cannon
Age/School: 14/Unknown
Family: Father
D-arc (D-power) Color: Black and Blue
Digimon Partner: Cyberdramon
Profile: Ryo is what you call the legendary Tamer, he was the champion of the Card
Game and always won until he decided to go to the Digital World. In the Digital
World, his partner is Cyberdramon, they're both very experienced in battle.

Japanese Name: Kitagawa Kenta
Dubbed Name: Kenta Kitagawa
Japanese Voice Actor: unknown
English Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Age/School: 10/West Shinjuku Elementary
Dubbed Age: 13
Family: Mother and Father
D-arc (D-power) Color: Grey
Digimon Partner: Marineangemon
Profile: Kenta was with the Tamers during their Journey in the Digital World, he
finally got his Digimon on their way home. In the D-arc the Tamers hear a noise and
look around to see what it is, a D-arc glows and is pushed out of Kenta's pocket by
his new partner, Marineangemon! Kenta is best friends with Takato and Hirokazu, they
also play the card game together.